90% Winners with Bassakwards

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  1. Inspired by a statistic which claims 90% of all traders are losers, I developed Bassakwards.

    How it works.

    Bassakwards secretly without your knowledge, converts all your buy orders to sell orders and your sell orders to buy orders.

    And supercharge your profits with the new innerout hemhaw function, it takes you out of the market when you think you are getting in, and puts you back in the market when you think you are getting in.

    Isn't it time you too joined the 90% of traders who are finally making money with Bassakwards?

    Bassakwards DON'T TRY IT LATER!
    (he he, get it? that means try it now)
  2. babakwards?
  3. Seriously,...why wouldn't this really work???? Ingenius!
  4. I was starting out trading the NQ, had a nice run down on 1 contract, changed my order size to 2 to add to my winner, but the market switched direction, so I held off on the placement of the order, there was an emergency out side, so I closed out the trade(I thought) and came back 3 hours later...biggest winning day yet!
    I think bassackwards would help me! Can I be a beta tester?
  5. and had my goof up fixed? :D
  6. Some of my best trades have come when I was accidently short or long a stock that I thought I was no longer in (or I thought I was the opposite direction in). I have to wonder if the inventor of assbakwards didn't get word of my experience. I have even suggested this contrarian approach to friends. Therefore, I will be consulting a copyright lawyer about infringement, unless a suitable settlement can be arranged!
  7. In theory, your ideas make sense. Unfortunately, the 90% failure statistic is based on actual trade executions (regardless of intentions). Therefore, you would still be in losing trades. This trading theorem is loosely based on Murphy's Law and the 20/20 hindsight concept.
  8. I've heard of Bernard Baruch doing something like this with Winston Churchill during the great depression.

    The reason why backwards trading works is that many new traders train themselves to trade counter trend because the want to buy at a cheap price.

    The easiest way to get a really good price is to be on the wrong side of the market.
  9. You guys think of everything loooool, my only question is can you sell it if it doesnt work unlike some systems? P.S. does waxie know about this?
  10. Backwards trading doesn't work because it's human nature to focus on the trades that didn't work out and ignore the ones that did. Also, many traders have larger stop loss ranges than profit taking ones and this is a recipe for disaster. Backwards trading would have the exact same result as "normal" trading.
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