90% sucess rate daytrading software

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  1. exce26


    1. It gives exact price to be in & out automatically
    2. Over 90% sucessfull rate either 3 min, 5min, 10min, 15min, etc.
    3. You do not need to write any program. It is already set up.
    4. It use a cheap data feed
    5. You will be very happy about the result

    Do you have this software?:D
  2. I don't have any software like that, but I bet Waxie claims to.....

    "Behind The Calls - Company Background

    CEO and Founder Michael Parness spent years living homeless on the streets of New York. Now he owns the Street.
    The roots of Trendfund.com lie in the mismanagement of money by a broker. Michael Parness invested $150,000 of his own money in the stock market, and quickly doubled his earnings.

    A broker told him that it was 'dumb luck,' and convinced him to turn over control of his money. After the broker lost all but $34,000, Michael decided to never again let anyone else control his money. Within two months, Michael completely recouped the broker's loss.

    Michael's philosophy that markets move due to human emotions - not lagging indicators like mathematical equations or complex statistical analysis - has produced amazing results for subscribers. Michael was one of the few to predict the NASDAQ would drop below 2500, when it was still at 4900 last April 2000. With an international subscriber base of people ranging from homemakers to Wall Street analysts to Hollywood stars, Trendfund.com is only beginning to make its mark."

  3. nkhoi


    how about this;

    I personally guarantee that you will make 10 times the cost of the xxx service in 12 months, or your money back.

    I don't want your money if you aren't making money. I want to make this offer as risk free to you as possible.

    If for some reason you don't make 10 times your money, let me know and you will receive a full and prompt refund.

    This guarantee is for the 99% who are interested, yet skeptical - not the 1% who will take advantage of me. Let me show you I mean business.

    We are committed to helping you towards your goal of financial success. You can contact us at any time by email or phone (1-800-613-xxxx).

    from http://www.financialpicks.com/
  4. A better way to do it is to follow the lead of the "sports betting gurus" who guarantee to give you a winner for this weekend's sporting events.

    The guarantee? Well, once you pay them, if they are wrong they don't refund your money, but they give you extra picks for free.......until they do get lucky enough to generate some winners and satisfy their bogus "guarantee."

    What a friggin scam. By the time they have fulfilled the guarantee, most amateur gamblers have gone broke from the loser picks and don't give a poot about hearing further picks.
  5. Waxie doesn't need any software - he's discovered the method of generating that 90-100% success rate: just front run your subscribers :)
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    I think you've nailed it ArchAngel, and frankly it sounds like an exceptional business model to me.... :D
  7. exce26


    Well, then I should run similar business model instead of trading.... :D
  8. There was a front running turd named Cheetah that was popular on irc during the boom times. His final call was to BUY the QQQ at 92 or thereabouts. Ahem.

    He's probably still around under another name, posting right here on Elite :p
  9. He didn't change his psuedonym to Waxie did he?? :)