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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Spectra, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. I was feeling a little frustrated in the trading room today. We have a once per day setup that has a 90% (no reason to be apprehensive there) profitability rate on the YM. It's given us +34 pts today and also on Monday (weird coincidence). After we closed out the day and did our recap in the room, Alex asked how many of the traders took the setup and only 3 guys said yes. That's only about 2 percent of our users. I asked the guys 'why' and I got a few answers back, most just broke down to being too scared to pull the trigger. Most could not even on the simulator? I remember being hesitant when i started trading but I don't recall being this cautious.

    Instead, most of these guys took low probability trades in dead zone. I'd like more of our users to close out each day with nice gains.

    I think Alex is going to write a big blog/article tonight on psychology issues. I hope new traders realize how important a proper mindset is. I will post it when he's done.

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  2. hcour

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    This post isn't about trader psychology or the OP's concern for his traders "being too scared to pull the trigger". It's about getting customers on ET. Hence the title "90% Profitable Setup" to catch the eye, and the line "It's given us +34 pts today and also on Monday." This is nothing but an advertisement, it's spam in the guise of a legitimate post, sanctioned on ET because he's a "sponsor". But it's underhanded and sleazy and really off-putting and ET members can see right thru it.

    BTW, whatcha wanna bet the OP begins his response with "LOL" as he always does?

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    shouldn't you be glad that only 3 guys (2%) took the trade? If all of your 150 members would have placed a market order to buy the YM at the same time to execute a breakout strategy what do you think the slippage would be?
  4. hcour,

    We DO have an ET sponsored account. No secret there! If you don't want to read any of the posts from Puretick then that is your right. We post messages for three reasons.
    1) To help answer questions of other users here
    2) To generate interest in our site (but of course!)
    3) To help struggling new traders make it without blowing out their account

    In this case, the contents of the above message was 100% what happened today and I did feel that way about it. Im sure its hard to believe there is a vendor who cares about their users as well Feel free to browse our logs if you doubt anything posted www.puretick.com/chat_logs

    it's ok used to getting yelled at from some of the ET users.

    p.s. mujoh not too worried about moving the markets with less then 200 people trading the YM.

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  5. Go ahead and give the specific trade rules here, so we can see the 90% profitable set-up.
  6. I would just like a simple answer to a question I have posed puretick now 3 times...............what is the reward to risk ratio of this trade? That's all simple question right? I can make an educated guess because I used to trade 80-90% winners. It's inverted, much higher risk than reward ratio to have such a high winning percentage.

    Is that bad, not necessarily. More disclosure is necessary though.
  7. dandxq.

    I have not seen any of your previous posts or had anything in my private box? ET is a big place though so I do not doubt its here somewhere.

    Send me an email or private message. I will send you a link that goes in to extensive detail. I'm not permitted to post it on the open forum.

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  8. I think a better question is
    "why do only 2% of your clients trust your word?"

    If it were me running a trading?, call?, pick? room, I would look at my presentation for answers. I'd definitely want to know where the distrust was coming from.

    Saying that 98% of your clients are psychologically handicapped is missing the bigger and probably more meaningful message.
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    Wasn't Mr. Market at 95% profitable?
  10. dinoman


    Yeah, until he got them in on top of the Home builders bubble. Then had them ride it all the way down, then get out.
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