90% percent of people still employed

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    all these 90% leveraged stock and real estate positions. these people never owned their homes they weren't even paid for .

    the banks owned the stocks and homes. now bank holding the bag


  2. You know how stocks 'werk' and bought POT, MOS, RIMM & other high fliers at their all time highs, back in 2007!!!

    Your index is down close to 90% now and is diving further with each passing day!

    Your purchase of the DDM dow ultra 2x ETF back in June of 2007, near its all time high, was brilliant!!!

  3. I would have thought that proving one's point about the state of the economy using one's visit to a couple of restaurants is known to be stupid.

    Hmmmm, this guy must be some sort of a statistical genius to be able to make these sorts of inferences.

  4. This isn't true - the employment statistics are far worse than what's officially reported, and that's provable. Plus, those numbers don't include people whom don't respond to the BLS survey, are underemployed or have dropped out of the labor force - maybe people like you, who lost 90% of their portfolio buying stocks like POT & MOS at their all time highs!!!
  5. But it's always been that way, so you can just assume the 'real' unemployment rate is 40% higher or so than the govt. numbers.
  6. U know how it werks!!

    4 now and 4 ever. Werd!!!
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