90 min before the open, where can I find a list of stocks Gapping up/Gapping down?

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  1. Simple question, really.

    Every morning at 8:00 AM (eastern), I want to scan a quick list of stocks indicated to gap up or gap down significantly. Paying for a service is acceptable. Briefing.com posts a concise list over an hour later, and sifting through all their news stories 90 minutes before the open, just to find which stocks are gapping is not efficient.

    Anyone care to help? You have my thanks in advance.
  2. Great post man, i'm also looking for a good list like this so i can have a good idea of which stock is a potential short sell at the open.

    also, is anyone subscribing to wsj? I am a scalper, but i'd like to find a good source for news, companies insights, etc. Although i know this might not be the most ideal info for a scalper, but i still wouldn't mind having this info at my disposal so i can see trends in a bigger picture and perhaps find out what news is affecting what stocks. Let me know what you guys think. And if you know of a good web page, or publications, magazine that's even more suitable, please let me know.
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    some possibilities:







    not sure if any of these fits the bill for ya, but hth.

    take care :)

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    I simply use IB's market scanner to find out what stocks are trading heavily pre-market.
  5. what's IB?
  6. Well, Briefing.com platinum does have these lists, but the gapping up list doesn't come out until about 9:15 et, and the gapping down list even later.

    WSJ & IBD are generally for investors, not traders.
  7. I use the top volume list available from Island. There you can see the stocks either rising or dropping by big percentages. The list is 100 stocks deep.


    then click on 'INET top list'
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    Sorry. IB is Interactive Brokers.
  9. Thanx, Trade-ideas is a service I already use. Do they provide the lists I'm looking for? Does anybody know for certain if these other services are relevant?

    Hmmm... the IB most actives mention prompted me to think of something. I should check the ARCA most active list here early Monday morning. That might do the trick.

    EDIT: Thanx Red Ink!

  10. RM:

    I did find a site specifically for this last summer, however I deleted it out of the favorites, so I will have to search for it again. Essentially, it was monitoring any and all activity post market and pre market.
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