90% Idiot's = You?

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Are you an Idiot?

  1. Yes I'm an Idiot!

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  2. I'm 5% or less!

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  3. I'm 95% or greater!

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  1. Are you an idiot? probably here's why.

    The trader idiot meter 0%-100% by Mark Brown.

    My point is that 90% of trader's are stuck in the zone between 5% and 95%.

    ------ Short explanation for you few. -------

    Trading Knowledge and Success = 100%

    0% Perfection
    5% Blissful

    Vast wasteland of idiots - varying intelligence!

    95% Diligent
    100% Perfection

    ------ Interpretation for humans below. -------

    0% Perfection = lose no money at all.

    *paper trader smarter than an idiot cause they lose no $.
    *brokers, exchanges, support services, forum host lose no $.
    *fund managers investing endless incoming $ from the sheep.


    5% Blissful = have income no matter win or lose.

    *self directed accounts, average workers pensions etc.
    *option traders, spread traders, fundamental traders etc.
    *newbie traders yet to wreck just like sport bike riders etc.




    95% Diligent = intellect, tenacity, analytic, responsible, honest.


    100% Perfection = machine generated algorithms - human servants.


    This has been a public service announcement brought to you by "One very smart, smart ass" Mark Brown

    "quote attributed to Clyde Lee"
  2. you with 6000 post and nothing else to do - i will take that as a yes.

    bring it.
  3. achilles28


    Lots of claims here. Little proof.

    Post some live calls, "M"
  4. glad to see your still here STOCKS777 now you can post your little pictures etc. and please do continue to dribble your rants.


    ps vote bitch, lol
  5. see your homo comment just gave you away. contribute or i will complain to the mod and get you reprimanded just like i did before.

    go mess with the other 90% here that play ground is huge.


    ps stocks777 pattern is to correct english and post anything homo related - it's his undeniable uncontrollable nature.
  6. loogling


    If I understand correctly, based on the past posts, you (MarkBrown) and WinstonTJ are HFT guys. IMO it's like a car race where you are driving a Ferrari while the less fortunate are driving Hyundai. Most of the time you can win because of your speed and technology. But in terms of driving skill, do you truly believe that you're better than the others? Your own answer will determine whether you are a "smart ass" or just an "ass". (WinstonTJ used to feel like he was stealing in his job. I haven't seen him put others down though and I respect him for that.) Too many craps on ET already. Something constructive, from an experienced guy like yourself, would make ET more pleasant, don't you agree?
  7. i try and most likely your just another one of stocks777 user names but i will answer in hope that your real.

    i think that sacrifice gives me the right to be me. if your not rich you have either no brains <=5% or your diligent 95%=> anything in-between is an idiot - i was an idiot. part of becoming successful is knowing your an idiot. now i'm just an a-hole who remembers he was once and idiot. i admit to my wife all the time i was an idiot and she reminds me i had to go through that. maybe i can wake up someone, anyone please. show me some change on planet et.

    there will be no one here to admit that their an idiot, and there will be no successful traders here either. just like there hasn't been since this forum started. i'm like an alien coming to visit to see how the colony of fodder is multiplying. wish there was a glimmer of something here anything, even praying i could carry a serious discussion one day. but the ladder top it is narrow as atlas shrugs below.


    ps hft or not has nothing to do with anything, that is just a by- product or another vehicle.
  8. achilles28


    So what are you saying here? That diligence is a liability? I'm diligent, yet I'm a successful trader. How do you figure that?
  9. loogling


    I'm not stocks777.

    I'll agree along the line that in order to change, a trader first needs to admit his flaws.

    There are successful traders here imo who rarely post. I am not successful, but I'm thankful that I'm making money.

    PS: I'm not an HFT guy, but maybe a hyper active retail guy. On my busiest day, I execute 800 manual stock trades. I may be competing in your territory. It's nice though if we are not enemies. I have nothing against HFT. Just that imo many HFT guys are making money not because of special trading skills, but by mainly taking advantage of market microstructure.

    Got to sleep now. Take care.
  10. Lucrum


    Who is Mark Brown?
    #10     Apr 5, 2012