90% failing rate , its true ?

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    I wonder how do broker calculate % of losers? I mean what are the criteria? Something tells me that output is quite sensitive to how you define a loser. We all lose in the long run, so I think there should be some reasonable distance like one year. If within one year account lost lost then the player should be considered as a loser.
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    Where can we find these numbers that have to be published? Because if we cannot see them it is useless. Does the public not have the right to know the truth?

    Where can I find these laws?
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  3. 931


    The right was taken away with various laws.
    By interest groups.
    Driven by human nature.

    And human has enormous capacity to lie.
    To self and others in order to feed greed, ego or whatever needs feeding, maybe children.
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    Or cats? :D
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    Small contributions are not welcome.
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  6. In some ways if doesn't really matter, its your own account that is important.After about 6 months , 100 trades or so, the reality becomes clear
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    Suppose the success rate stands at 90%. I assure you the majority of traders will fall in the other 10%.
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    ~9 people cant possibly support lavish lifestyle of ~1 person.
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    failing rate statistics always a complicated, because i don't know which organization makes sure this and how ? they are regulated or not ? lots of question there is
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