90% failing rate , its true ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Ahmed Solaiman, Aug 5, 2020.

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    They are not scalpers looking for a few ticks.
    It is possible to follow them on the 15 min charts if you are a day-trader, there are at least more than 50 different financial instruments to choose from (in the US, UK, Europe, etc...)
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    Oh god. The force is strong with you today. Can the rest of you please stop encouraging him.
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  3. tere


    What sort of dices they use?
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    Not the dices they use in Vegas, that's for sure.
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    Can't complain, so far so good. How about you?
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    Are they using black box dices?
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    Magnets baby!
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    I attempted to find original articles that detail this fabled "90% failure". Only 1 article - based on traders from India, gave sufficient details and data - their failure rate was 78% but even that one paper was clumsy and weak. I could not find any detailed studies or data to show "90% failure". Just saying.
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    Hi Dazz,

    You can find some stats in my post (#11) in this thread, if you have not already read it.
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    And that "5% winners" is NOT other traders; it's the very broker that traded against its clients.
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