90% failing rate , its true ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Ahmed Solaiman, Aug 5, 2020.

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    Yes it's true, most Forex/Futures traders lose money.
    Here are some sobering stats from 2011 for instance (see table below).
    As you can see, on average 75% of traders lose their money in 4 months or less.

    And after 6 months 95% of traders blow up their account (I will try to find the article).
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  2. maxinger


    The number would be better if traders trade things like index futures and not forex.

    currency war happened years ago.
    Now there is zero currency war !!!
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    80 to 95% of commodities traders lose money as well, and that includes trading financial Futures instruments like the S&P 500.
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  4. MrMuppet


    The more liquid and popular a market is, the higher the percentage of losers.

    The more niche, the more people make money until the asset gets liquid enough to make it worthwhile for sharks. Then a big guy comes, gobbles up everything and the losing rates shoot up to 95% again
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    Fortunately, these "sharks" leave large footprints that the astute retail trader can spot and profit from... :cool:
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    "Lets say some broker writes 80% lose money..."
    From what point is account/user considered a loser for the stats that brokers use in disclaimers?

    It could be conflict of interest , and beneficial for brokers to show better numbers.
    How can one know that the stats are accurate?
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    US and European laws now force brokers to disclose what percentage of their clients are losing money.

    These numbers are verified by independent auditors.
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    I would like to see what the failure rate is for traders that stuck with it for 3-5 years
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    There was a very good post recently on www.telegraph.co.uk that said it was the people using leverage with a spread bettor that lost money. The traders who bet unleveraged made money. They used a spread bettor as it was tax free not for the leverage.
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    On average after 6 months only 5% of new trading accounts (FX and Futures) are still profitable (or barely breaking even).
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