90% failing rate , its true ?

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  1. i have been with Forex minimum 10 years , its a long time i have passed , when start trading i got the message majority become losers from there almost 90%. in 2020 still the same ratio ? there is anyone who can ensure exact explanation about this statistic ?
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    no, it's closer to 95%

    Explanation is simple: 95% don't know what they're doing so they gamble their life savings away to feed the 5% winners
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  3. Its more that many people at some point in their lives open up a broker account, have a crack at it, lose money and quit. It could be $50. It's not that 90% of people get wiped out Also its much easier and lots more advertising to draw folks into trading these days especially woith covid keeping people at home

    The 5% of winners are all on youtube.
    (I turned $0.32 into $278k yesterday and I don't even have a computer, did it on my phone while driving my ferrari!)
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  4. Indeed, such statistics will work, and it is close to the truth.
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  6. i dont know which organisation made this statistic , i have doubt, but i have no dispute that maximum losers from there.
  7. I know a guy that actually did that!
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    These odds are surely worse than stock degenerates. Why is that?
  9. We need them to make money
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    No one knows what the number is. Estimates are extrapolated from blown or closed accounts. Most of us have blown up at lest one account along the way. What we can know is that most will fail because most will not do what is necessary to succeed in a demanding profession.
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