$90 dollars to invest, where to begin?

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    Hello, I am not sure if this is the right section for this, but I hope it is!

    I am still a teenager, and would like to start with a small one time investment of around $90 USD. I have minimal research but am actively searching for more. Any advice as to what I could do investment wise? I would like to drop the amount and watch it to see how it does, I don't have the capabilities to add to it.

    All advice appreciated!
  2. Buy 1 share of IWM. And with the spare change buy 1 contract of the Aug 2011 IWM put, strike price 36. (representing 100 shares of IWM)

    That will provide enough insurance for your 1 stock of IWM against any risky movements.

    Think of it as buying car insurance on your newly purchased automobile.
  3. A teenager with money to invest. Wow, you are way ahead of your peers young man. I'd say you research a bit more while saving up just a little more. Good luck!
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    Invest that money in your education. Buy & read a couple of books on the markets. Two books I like are:

    1) Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners
    2) Stigum's Money Market
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    Buy yourself a small gold bullion coin on ebay and don't sell it.
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    offer some odds on games that are favorable to you and bet with your friends.
  7. It will provide enough insurance for 100 shares, but why would he want to own a share of the Russell?

    To the OP: Open an Oanda account and trade one unit to get the feel of trading real funds. All it takes is screen time.
  8. Buy three one-ounce silver eagles. And put them away until the day you die. Then give them to the three people you love the most.
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  10. I second the guy saying open an Oanda account. He can buy gold/silver that way, but more importantly he can learn the basics of trading.
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