90 degree?

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  1. Anyone knows is it possible to rotate the chart 90 degrees?Do i need a specific video card for that?Any known laptop got this feature?

  2. Rotate the chart or the monitor?

    Rotating the monitor's display is called landscape or portrait view

    Most all Graphics accommodate rotation

    Two options

    1, Right Click desktop / Menu / Screen Resolution / Orientation

    2, Right Click desktop / Menu / Nvidia Control Panel / Display / Rotate display

    [with nVidia its called nVidia Control Panel, I don't use AMD Graphics so not familiar with their Control Panel]

    Rotating the monitor in a laptop seems awkward, sure it can be done, the question is why?

    Get a Win8 pro Surface Tablet if you want to rotate to portrait view and use x86 programs.

    But yes, it is possible just checked on my Lenovo u460 ideapad and portrait/landscape option is possible
  3. No,the chart.Just chart and keep all the things as they are.
  4. Full screen, is going to be landscape, if you are referring to multiple charts on same workspace then up in the menu's, Window/ arrange / vertical - horizontal - auto is the only way I know how.
  5. oh I get it now, you want to invert the function of the X & Y axis:

    You want the price axis horizontal and the time axis vertical.

    Never seen any platform with that option...
  6. No i`m using only one chart and would like to have it rather vertical.I`m using ninja.Maybe it could be coded in someway.
  7. That sounds like a lot of code, almost to the point of rewriting the software.

    Probably need to contact Ninja for that one.
  8. Contacting ninja is like pissing against the wind.There is the thread been running on BM forum for more then a year.''Unofficial NinjaTrader 8 wish list''.No imagine what it would be to ask them to rotate the chart.
  9. LOL, ya I know

    One of the many reasons I dumped Ninja years ago

    MC has it's own unresolved quirk NO T&S, been promised for over 4-years, pretty ridiculous, but I digress

    Seriously though, I don't think any platform provider will change the X & Y axis functions, the demand isn't there. The only charting platform that appears to listen to it's customers is Jerry from QT, but I doubt even his charting program will invert X & Y axis.

    X being the Time Axis [with scrolling]
    Y being the Price Axis [without scrolling, just screen 'dragging"]