90/90 Day?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Babak, Oct 5, 2005.

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    Was today a Lowry's 90/90 day? It looks to me like it was.

    Issues: NYSE Nasdaq
    Advancing 597 597
    Declining 2,661 2,407
    Unchanged 123 133
    Total: 3,381 3,137

    Issues at:
    52-Week High 36 43
    52-Week Low 126 77

    Advancing 177,693,000 294,851,000
    Declining 1,722,375,000 1,504,237,000
    Unchanged 6,218,000 157,346,000
    Total: 1,906,286,000 1,956,434,000
  2. just21


    What is a 90/90 day?
  3. just21


    a 90% downside day occurs when both the declining volume and the number of downside points equal or exceed 90% of the total volume and the total number of points, respectively. A 90% downside day sometimes signals the beginning of a panic decline, or if the market is already oversold, further evidence of a very oversold market. Generally, a significant market bottom is preceded by two or more number of 90% downside days. A single 90% downside day like today may create an oversold situation in the short-term - one which would signal a temporary bottom - but with a number of intermediate term indicators (see below charts) still neutral or in an overbought situation, the chances of a bottom here is very low. In fact, today's 90% downside day could be a signal for further panic declines down the road.

    So it could go up or down?
  4. Babak


    According to Lowry's a 90/90 down day must be followed by a 90/90 up day to signal a new trend up.
  5. Was he trying to sell this on that website as well? Or was this a freebie teaser to buy his book?
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    That was something I found on google, refers to a day in 2002. Anyone got any more information on this?
  7. Look under Charles H. Dow Award Winner -2002. Paul Desmond , I believe.

  8. ===========
    Thanks including the definition of 90/90;
    other signals of new trend up= higher closes, higher closes.

    Other signals of new trend up;
    most of stocks in sectors closing higher,
    higher highs, higher lows.......

    Flip it for downtrends;
    & probably a good idea for some players to believe.
    ''must be followed by 90/90 up day to signal a new trend up'',
    especially in a bull market:cool: