90,000 New Retail Brokerage Accounts Being Opened Every Day In China

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  1. People are borrowing from banks, and using these loans to invest in the stock market, which is illegal, but not enforced currently in china. This could be one nasty correction when the Chinease bubble bursts with reverberations for the global marketplace.
  2. Interesting. Got a link with some more data?
  3. Sounds like excellent news for the Chinese stock markets. More buyers = higher highs = short squeeze = more $$$ for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. asap


    i just hope any of those 90k per day are doing some short trades for the sake of a healthy market out there. smells like the china bubble still has more room to expand. we all know where the next big crash is coming from, dont we?
  5. i agree is the short-term, but if any slight sell-off begins for geo-political reasons, the already poorly trusted chinease banking system, could get hit hard, when all these banking loans can`t be payed back. It only works so long as the markets continue to go up, but they have had quite a run already, and selling in one of these less mature markets could cause a stampede, we could easily see 2,000 to 3,000 point sell-0ffs in these chinease indices in a full week of intense selling, just something to keep on the radar screen
  6. Hmm I am sure the Chinese have a PPT just like we do for the big stock indexes, pretty much eliminating any risk going margin overnight long.
  7. 90,000 who wouldn't have clue about the market...every day...day after day....I smell a CRASH:D
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