$9 Trillion = $10 Billion (Madness)

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  1. I think the printing cost of $100 bill is 12 cents.

    So Obama printed $9 Trillion and donated it to bankrupt companies and countries but the printing cost of this $9 Trillion is estimated $10 Billion.

    This is similar to selling a product for $1000 where the production cost is $10.

    This is the reason world reputed economists and financial people say money printing will lead to hyper inflation. Stop the money printing madness immediately.

    That's not how the Fed is "printing money". They're just pulling it out of thin air and adding it to the balance sheets of banks. Most money isn't hard copy, it only exists on ledgers.

    When all world factories, industries and business people start selling their products for 10,000 % profit (example, Oil $9000 per barrel) then all world people will understand what "money printing madness" means. Until then world people will not understand the seriousness of world situation.

    The world economy is heading for $1 million loaf of Bread.

    Remember after year 1930, a loaf of Bread would cost 1 million German marks which resulted in World War 2.

    If Bread is $1 million, what would be the cost of milk which is necessity for 6 month old babies? Who will be responsible for the deaths of million of babies worldwide? Think about it.

    The telephone operator of Titanic had received "iceberg warning" from another ship standing closeby but the titanic operator was busy taking messages for his rich guests traveling on titanic. The iceberg warning was ignored by the operator since he thought other messages were important.

    That day Titanic had received 5 iceberg warnings but the captain continued speeding the ship since he wanted to reach destination in quick time.

    So finally Titanic, the biggest luxury ship crashed into a massive iceberg and it sank into endless ocean waters killing 1300 people.

    How many warnings have world leaders received in past 3 years regarding world economy?

    By 1923, the Republic claimed it could no longer afford the reparations payments required by the Versailles Treaty, and the government defaulted on some payments. In response, French and Belgian troops occupied the Ruhr region, Germany's most productive industrial region at the time, taking control of most mining and manufacturing companies in January 1923. Strikes were called, and passive resistance was encouraged. These strikes lasted eight months, further damaging the economy and increasing the expense of imports. The strike prevented goods from being produced. This infuriated the French, who began to kill and exile protestors in the region.

    Since striking workers were paid benefits by the state, much additional currency was printed, fueling a period of hyperinflation. The 1920s German inflation started when Germany had no goods with which to trade. The government printed money to deal with the crisis; this allowed Germany to pay war loans and reparations with worthless marks, and helped formerly great industrialists to pay back their own loans. This also led to pay raises for workers and for businessmen who wanted to profit from it. Circulation of money rocketed, and soon the Germans discovered their money was worthless. The value of the Papiermark had declined from 4.2 per US dollar at the outbreak of World War I to 1 million per dollar by August 1923. This led to further criticism of the Republic. On 15 November 1923, a new currency, the Rentenmark, was introduced at the rate of 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) Papiermark for one Rentenmark, an action known as a monetary reset. At that time, one U.S. dollar was equal to 4.2 Rentenmark. Reparation payments resumed, and the Ruhr was returned to Germany under the Locarno Pact, which defined a border between Germany, France and Belgium.n payments resumed, and the Ruhr was returned to Germany under the Locarno Pact, which defined a border between Germany, France and Belgium.


    Know your history.

    The Mark plummeting from 4.2 per US Dollar to 1 MILLION?

    Take a close look to how long it took for the Mark to devalue to that level as well: less than 1 year.

    Ever wonder what's to come if we default on our loans? The world has seen this before and it ended VERY badly, to the tune of hundreds of millions of lives around the world. pay particular attention to the orange highlights.

    Now... how many people see very distinct similarities to the Brackets' administration and the Fed's action and the pre-nazi german Weimar Republic?

    This is what we're facing folks. It can happen to us, and you will see the end of the US Dollar, and the rise of totalitarian trends much like we saw in Germany in the 20's and 30's.

    This is not a fantasy, nor theoretical. It's now only a question of WHEN it will occur, not if. And hopefully, it will happen while those who are to blame are still in power so they will catch it square in the teeth.