9 screen trading set up for sale - perfect for home trading

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  1. Hi

    I traded futures from 2004 until a few months ago. Last couple of those years were spent trading from home. I have moved on to a new role as a commodity trader which does not require the need for working from home and so many screens.

    Anyway what I am selling is a 9 screen set up. I have a couple of trading computers and one operated 7 screens for trading which i used to do using TT package. The other computer ran two screens for internet browsing etc.

    would also include all the brackets etc - everything except for the desk. i used to run 4 screens on the bottom including 2 x 32" screens and 5 x screens above , the rest were mainly 22"/24" Samsung Syncemaster screens

    I can provide a full run down of the spec of the computers , screens etc , photos

    I am based in UK / Ireland so this gear is not going to be cheap to send to far flung destinations but happy to discuss etc

    Feel free to get in touch

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    i have a 6 monitor setup, but hey another 7 would be cool. can you post pocs
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  4. If you live in the UK.....you might be limited as to where selling them might be useful.
    The UK uses 220 Voltage and the U.S. uses 110 voltage. And we use different electrical plugs as well.

    It might be better trying to sell them locally. Just an idea.....

    Nice setup though !
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    You can't ship those monitors - WAY TO EXPENSIVE

    Best way to sell them is:
    • Ebay with local pickup.
    • Craigslist with local pickup.

    Good thing about Ebay is that they will be gone in 7 days - no hassle with negotiating a price, start the bidding at 1 pound.

  6. He will just break even, if he sells those monitors on eBay. :confused:
    Buying a computer monitor nowadays is scrap value -- don't expect to be able to sell it for anything.
  7. Have you considered donating them to a local school ? You could deduct the value of the monitors and the computer from your taxes next year. Just an idea.
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