9 reasons why investors are scared

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    Not to worry, Bubble ben bernanke will be talking up QE3 over the next 2 months, they will not let this stimulus end, without the economy and markets are nothing. Everyone believes the economy is pushing ahead on its own when in reality its all being pushed with easy money policies and monopoly money. Bubble ben bernanke will have some new magic tricks to pull out of his hat over the next 3 months.
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    I'll add a 10th reason.

    The short-term focus of many businesses all across the US that are ready to take a quick buck and look for a different customer than to keep a potential lifetime customer. This influences expectations for business and success (and growth of a business) which inevitably affects stock price and therefore longterm shareholder wealth.

    That would be my number one fear and consideration for investing in any business.
  3. Sounds like a perfect setup for contrarian investors. :)
  4. I suck at predicting market direction. This limitation confines me to trading strategies that a profitable in up, down and sideways markets.
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    If one doesn't bet on market direction he bets on volatility. There's no other alternative.

  6. Really?

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    "There's no alternative" forms the basis for reasoning in exact sciences and logic.
    I'm sure you understand proving by contradiction ("reductio ad absurdum") as a computer scientist.

    If (not A) is false then A must be true. There is no alternative.

    I just wanted to point out that when someone doesn't bet on market direction he still makes a bet. There's no free lunch.

  8. In many ways I think we are kindred spirits.

    I'm not really arguing your fundamental point although I think some nuance would be helpful. It may not be obvious to many why your choices make up the complete set. I just wanted to add some perspective in a light hearted way.
  9. I liked it better without nuance. This is supposedly "elite" trader after all.
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