$9 Gallon of Milk, $8 Gallon of Gas: Oh Really?

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  1. I don't think the 99% of U.S. Businesses, global or domestic, that are HURT, and not helped, by this madness, as consumer dollars are sucked up on basic staples and not spent in their places of business, are going to sit idly by and not get in their legislators ears about this situation, do you?

    Watch the fed and congress suddenly address this as local chamber of commerces erupt into 'burn Bernanke in effigy' rage-fests.


    "I’ve decided that the problem with commodity investors (and many investing classes) is that they don’t live in the real world. Our modern market systems make it possible for kids to graduate college, never have a real job and become traders who are given Billions of dollars to invest before they are 30. They view the market as some sort of video game and have no sense of the reality of the numbers they are playing with. A lot of technical analysts have slipped into this trap as well, believing things can go up or down in ridiculous moves based on the prior ridiculous moves, completely ignoring the fundamentals of the thing they are investing in (if they even know or care what company or commodity is actually represented by the chart they pass judgment on).

    This is the farce we are all participating in. Only a clueless kid with a $1M New York City apartment and a Porsche in a $1,000-a-month garage that he never drives and a house in the Hamptons he never visits could possibly believe that buying oil at $110 a barrel is a good investment. You need to be severely detached from reality to think that a planet with an average per capita GDP of less than $16,000 will continue to consume energy at the same rate when the price doubles. "
  2. I agree, a breaking point is being rapidly reached.
  3. ........along with some "sour grapes".
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    :D right on target.
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    There is ALWAYS a breaking point and energy and the rest of the commodities are going to feel that breaking point soon, there is no way these prices can hold up, its IMPOSSIBLE. All bubbles pop, this one will as well......
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    I pay almost $9 for a gallon of milk now. I buy only 1/2 gallons (it's like $4.29) of the organic stuff....
  7. the per capita GDP of $16K (whatever that is) is dragged down by the billion or so people that weren't buring oil in the first place...

    now they want the stuff....
  8. Someone should tell the article writer to print $111 oil in his chart showing the future price of oil. Also if it doesn't print 89$ in this Q, then stop writing articles and go back to driving that taxi.
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    it isn't just commodities the stock market is just as easily overblown. If anything the commodities market is just playing catch up to the stock market.

    There is a real difference though. I bet the author could easily go for a long period of time without using any services provided by many of these over priced blue chip equities, but I would bet he couldn't go a week without a gallon of gas.
  10. I say F...milk and the farmers that produce it, but I don't drink it either. It's not fit for human consuption, but you can decide for yourself. You'll feel better not drinking it. It's a big lie that's been told for a long time.

    Some things are easier to boycott then others, but I don't think most americans in the fast food society are feeling enough pain just yet to take an aggressive stand.
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