9.7% unemployment Green shoots?

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  1. Market says its good???
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    It's better than it was during the Great Depression. What's not to cheer about?
  3. Market is on drugs. But whatever. Buy into it, just keep stops tight.
  4. 9.7%. this means we are still below the magic number of 10. start buying the float.

    and when we get to 10...we are below the magic number of 15.....you get the idea...
  5. never that simple. If you count in people who are on the gray and black market (those working under the table, tax dodgers, those pushing drugs, prostitution, criminals and everything else), this is likely a significant part of the economy. In some not so modern countries, this kind of activity can exceed 20-40% of the GDP.
  6. Previous month revised higher.
  7. I saw an article which had Detroit at 28% unemployement.
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    June was revised higher as well.
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