9.6% unemployment numbers

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  1. As benefits run out wont this number drop? eventually lower and lower as people run out of benefits even if they do not find work?
  2. Continuing claims will fall, as the ability to continue receiving benefits will now have a firm cut-off. Initial claims numbers won't be affected by this cut-off.
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    Most conservatives feel people act in their best interests. Meaning with checks stopped they will work harder to find jobs.
    Most Liberals feel people will curl up and die without Government checks.

    What is the natural state of man?
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    I feel bad for people who actually need to collect unemployment but the facts are that most people will get a job 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after their checks stop coming. It is amazing how high the percentage is.

    I know a few guys who have been on unemployment for years and don't even look for new work and have jobs on the side paying cash.

    Stop the craziness.
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    There's no question sucking off the government nipple gives you little incentive to go out and find your own nipple but does the current job market have enough jobs to fill the 3.3M seekers who will be in dire need of a job by the end of February, in addition to the folks who are genuinely looking for a job? My guess is SNAP applications will give us the best answer to this question.
  6. One article had some lady upset that her benefits were ending, she has 5 kids no husband.

    Yeah someone like her would not be very employable to begin with. I bet she comes late to work quite a bit or has to miss work because of issues with her 5 kids.
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    Keep in mind over 2,000,000 will lose benefits over the next 4 weeks!!!

    I bet everyday that goes by from here on in talk of an extension is getting bigger and bigger.
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    You bring up another interesting topic King, aside from the 5 kids. If you currently have a job you probably won't have much trouble finding an alternative job. I know a CPA who was working with one of the Big 4 who found a job as an Asst Controller in about 4 weeks. If you're a CPA whose been on the nipple for a year or more you are unemployable.

  9. What is the natural state of man?

    Depends, I'm working harder than ever but making more money than every in my life.

    If your a capitalist then you will do what it takes to build wealth. You might have to dig ditch's, you might have to do some of the worst jobs ever but your gona work and your gona gain knowledge and build wealth. Sometimes it starts with a penny at a time, other times it flows with 100s of thousands of dollars at a time.

    The point is, most American's are not Capitalist. They do not work for themselves. They work for a corporation for the most part, a "" so to speak. A few work under a small business owner. Very few take the risk in good times and bad to work for themselves.

    Second, most people live far beyond their means. They try to be Ballers,"Shot Callers" , Spending Cheesy they don't really have. They do not understand the definition of Liquid. They think it's just a saying from a scene in a move or something that "Credit" gives them.

    Finally, most people lack skills and faith. Yes, I said Faith. There is a higher power that is the source of 'Wealth'. The money flows to you from this "Natural Law". My job does not create wealth. I have to work, I have to set the ball in motion however, I am not in charge of the final outcome. Something more powerful than me is. A "Job" does not create wealth for me. Once you understand this, than whether a deal goes south, a trade blows up, you get laid off, something will better will come.

    From "7 habbits of successful People", Think and Grow Rich, Laws of attraction.....I highly recomend them.
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    +1 Amen brother.
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