9/20/05: The Only Direction To Trade Is...

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  1. And you might need to learn to read for a change. "9/20/05".
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  2. hajimow


    remember the old wall street saying: Sell Rosh Hashana and buy on Yom Kippur." I don't know if it works or not, but Rosh Hashana started on Monday and Yom Kippur is Oct. 13.

    They also say buy tech stocks the first Monday after thanksgiving and sell after January (don't remember the exact sell date).
    So Canadians should have been buying since this Monday and Americans should wait for another two weeks
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  3. And if anyone with any sense of humour (unlike babak), I was mocking that statement to show how silly it is to rely upon old sayings when all that matters is WHAT IS THE MARKET DOING IN TIME FRAME X.
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  4. Re-opened up shorts QQQQ $37.82
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  5. you got my attention and respect, amigo.
    i know a good trader when I see one.
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  6. you don't know the first thing about math. you're as delusional as lithium capital.
    shall we re-open how i know this babar?
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    Speaking of delusional .. how's your 9 figure hedge fund?

    Wanna make a wager on the reality of whether you co-manage such a fund? Oh wait, that challenge was already issued with no reply.

    And actually, 55 is 3.5% of 1560. And you claimed stats were such a good class in college .. and how you got an A. Geez, if you can't even do a simple division I'd have to question the grade. And that it was from a top school? It wasn't from one of those online diploma mills was it?
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  8. Remember, our dear dilusional friend RubberBongHit would not disclose to us where he received his MBA.
    It was simply too much effort for him to do so. Kind of like the "screenshot" of his trading platform that I asked him to show us earlier today.

    All he does is run away . . . and avoid, avoid, avoid the questions.
    A legend in his own mind and the mind's of all the other 516 aliases that Pabst has spoken of.
    Time to crank up the Haldol.
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  9. All right, lets stop this CRAP.

    I'm not here to see personal attacks. If you continue to do so, I will ask the moderators of EliteTrader to ban you.

    From this post forward, any personal attacks toward anyone on this thread will be met with my request to ban you off this site. I will not let this thread deteriorate into a yahoo message board.

    Now STFU and trade.
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  10. If you would have noticed the TITLE of the thread, it read "9/20/05" NOT "9/21/05". The fool who posted 9/21/05 prices misled you. I was NEVER down 3.5% in the trade and FAR LESS THAN THAT (more like less than 1%).

    Realize, I'm trading QQQQ and I'm a position trader. NOT A FOOLISH DAYTRADER.

    Everything from this point on will be QQQQ prices. You'll have to make the adjustment because I don't want confusion with $NDX, $COMPX, etc.

    Trade well.
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