9/20/05: The Only Direction To Trade Is...

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  1. nice call.
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  2. Another idiot. I love idiots.
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  3. Babak


    How to fade moronic posts on ET (see lesson below).
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  4. According to you Babak, you said "I was a better fade than Cramer".

    Given that sentiment, you would have your ass handed to you leaning the wrong way. In regards to your chart, who's to say you didn't mark that up AFTER THE FACT. So where's your credibility here? None whatsoever.

    Drawing lines and circles after something has happened on a DOUBLE TOP that any monkey could have taken in August is foolery to prove what point? Where's the genius in any of that hindsighted chart you put up.

    We aren't here to discuss what happens AFTER the fact. We are here to discuss BEFORE THE FACT.

    Make a call here. Let's see how good you are genius. So far, we've seen nothing from you except a call that went sour on you.
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  5. Babak


    Your blubbering is pathetic (and a little funny). As anyone can see on the chart above, your "call" went against you almost immediately by 55+ points (on the Nasdaq 100).

    I don't have any qualms about you or anyone else making a call but its how you react after the fact that I'm responding to. You disappeared and didn't post on the thread until the test of the top and subsequent drop down - when you began posting purile rhymes. Be a man and admit that your call was without a stop (and therefore meaningless).
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  6. I don't pick tops and bottoms. I am a position trader. You know nothing about my risk parameters to make such an assessment. 55 points on Nasdaq is NOTHING. That is less than 1.5%. If you can't take a 1.5% drawdown, then its obvious you are a paranoid girly girl.

    I laugh at your FAILED faded call. As far as I am concerned, you are down 5.5%.

    If you show up on MY THREAD flaming me, you better be able TO TAKE THE HEAT WHEN YOU ARE WRONG else STFU.
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  7. Babak


    When you're ready to join the rest of us in reality we'll be here.

    btw 55 points on NDX is more than 3.5% not "less than 1.5%" (55/1560). Might want to add basic math to your "to do" list.
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  8. Reality? The reality is you suggested to everyone on here to fade the call and you ended up with egg on your face. And since when are you so big that everybody considers your reality theirs. Seems like someone has a big head and is in denial he blew a call.

    The reality is, you couldn't make a call if your life depended on it. And the reality is, there's more money in my account than there was at 9/20/05.

    Your pissing in the wrong direction and can't admit you blew a call like a man. You sit here flaming my thread on your first post and guessed wrong.

    Now you take the heat and I rub salt in your wounds.
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  9. hajimow


    then its obvious you are a girly girl. LOL! WHAT A WUSS!

    I laugh at your FAILED faded call. As far as I am concerned, you are down 5.5%.

    Everyone on EliteTrader now knows it.

    With due respect your type of response reminds of Yahoo message boards posting or you get so excited in your investment. My 13 years of investment experience says that a successful investor should have a poker player face and cold blooded. Should not get excited if he/she gets sucessful in his/her trades. Too excitement after a few success is just the start of falling.
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  10. Thirteen years? Try 25+ years.

    And don't bother to tell me about poker and excitement. I don't gamble. I intelligently speculate with the information before me.

    This has nothing to do with winning. This has everything to do with posters who show up on threads showing no respect whatsoever.

    Anyone who does that, gets salt rubbed into their wounds and DISRESPECT back WHEN THEY ARE TOTALLY WRONG.

    Either they lick them and admit their fault, or continue to flame. I stand corrected and will continue to defend my original call until proven wrong.
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