9/20/05: The Only Direction To Trade Is...

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  1. vhehn --- good point about the long "bet" for the Fed policy after a bad set of numbers moving towards a possible pause --- and so far that bet has bombed out twice in a row for the bulls. also after a huge three day short run it was time for a lot of traders to book some big profits. now we will have all the little guys buying pre-news announcement hoping for super bad employment numbers tomorrow --- HAHAHAHAHA! :D

    that may work out for them short term, but that does not sound like the best trade entry criteria in a massive DOWNTREND. :)
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  2. huh? you're not just a slimy vermin, but a stupid one to boot! you actually listen to the paranoid lithium capital who thinks everyone is rubberbird? no wonder you never offer a market opinion!

    ps I have but one handle since 4/04 and its rubberbird.

    pps excellent call etftraderlives! hope you made out like a bandit!
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  3. sold the qqqq and iwm into the gap up. waiting for that crash to reload. we should see some earnings warnings starting soon because of the hurricane. should spook the market.
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  4. More pukeage due this week according to my analysis.

    Dow will lose 10K, Naz 2K this week. Like I said... the only direction to trade is...

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  5. Ugly. Just ugly.
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  6. Down down down she goes. Buying a knife, will only end up in woes.

    Just like Jack. Learn to be nimble but you don't have to be quick. This market requires patience, or you will end up with dick.

    Wanting and needing are two different things. Take my advice before you get dinged.

    The tape says south and position traders rule. Because the secret is in holding, not like some daytrading fool.
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  7. lol good one. apple going to help you out. its puking chunks ah.
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  8. ============
    Lots of good downtrends but your last statement could be improved on by adding;
    oil/gas sector is uptrending again & has been for some time.:cool:
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  9. Are you smoking funny weed? $OSX has already started to sour. $XNG topped.

    Stay away from crack!
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  10. Ok folks.

    I covered my entire position in cubes and will sit WAITING.

    Its a little oversold here. Profit +5.6% on size.

    Stay tuned.
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