9/18/07 - A Sad Day For America

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    I think it serves power elite well when terms get blurred like that.
    ....irresponsible responsible peopleLOL LOL
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    how is it that us punters on this thread seem to have a better grasp than our elected and appointed 'leaders'? collapsing $ and bonds- gee, didn't see that coming. how exactly has the yield run up in the 10 and 30 year treasury mortgage benchmarks help the people with mortgages resetting?!? housing crisis? why wasn't it a crisis when it was running up? the appreciated has retraced minimally, the equity markets are at their all time highs, real inflation (ie: what we actually feel and pay, not the fantasy contrived CPI/PPI #'s) is, well, very real. when there are 15 shows on tv about flipping houses, it's time to correct, not intervene. recession and economic cycle are not 4 letter words.

    the weak $ helping the US argument was quite true in a by gone era where we actually had a manufacturing base, actually EXPORTED oil and other commodities, and didn't have the balance sheet of a coke addict with large credit lines.

    our economy is based upon importing capital to pay for our spending and lack of discipline. trash the dollar even more than it already was trashed and the only incentive for countries to buy our debt is to help their major export market- us. that said, we (the US consumer) are becoming less relevant by the minute. PRC exports to the US is less than 4% of their GDP, for example. further, everyone in the world has seen this movie b4 and knows how it ends. the rest of the world's appetite for propping us up isn't jsut reaching satiation, it's about to go nicole richie; and when the finger goes down the throat, you might want to step out of the way.

    when i was a kid growing up in MN near Canada, every business had a sign up that said 'no Canadian quarters'. wonder when the signs are going to go up in Canada... we should have conquered them when they bombed the baldwins.

    someone in washington better google 'Amero' while it still seems like an appealing idea to Canadians...

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  3. I've never seen an American use that word for anything but football discussions. Have you been living in Europe for a while? Just wondering...
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    i spent a fair amount of time a few years back around an Aussie and a Irish guy who both used it, and it kinda stuck. funny you would bring it up, as i have bloomberg Asia on in the background (i trade the Hong Kong markets) a fair bit. a couple weeks ago i heard an analyst use the term- made me laugh and think of a friend who i really ought to email...
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