9-14-09: Celente Predicts Imminent "2nd" U.S. Revolution

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  1. No recovery; we are now entering the greatest depression ever experienced in U.S. History.

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  2. clacy


    If Celente predicts it, then it MUST COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!

    Tell me, if this guy was so prophetic, then why isn't he the richest man in the world by now?

    If he really could predict these trends with such certainty, he wouldn't be spending all his time on Coast to Coast AM trying to drum up business for his business.

    Entertaining...... no doubt.

    100% correct....... I highly doubt it.

    Now all of the goldbugs will crawl out of their bomb shelters to tell me what a "sheeple" I am and that the world really is coming to an end.
  3. Keep the govt. away from republican clutches and we'll be ok.
  4. no, we are not. my parents lived through the real depression. when you have no food to eat and you burn cow paddies for heat then you will be in the worst depression in us history.
  5. Div_Arb


    He reminds me of the asian guy that Booger befriended in revenge of the Nerds II - you know, the guy who could burp for 30 seconds straight...

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  6. wartrace


    You are assuming that we are at the worst point right now. Wait until the government can't throw any more money at the economy. Nothing has been done to fix the problems that got us to this point, they have just pumped cash.
  7. In the real depression 75% of the people were living normally. It was only 25% that had no food and burning cow paddies.

    I dont know why people think that we are only in a great depression if the US looks like that film "mad max"
  8. IMV... you better HOPE Celente is correct. Otherwise neither you nor your progeny have any prospect for a bright future.

  9. well, in order for this statement to be true:"No recovery; we are now entering the greatest depression ever experienced in U.S. History."things have to be comparble to that time. they are not even close nor are they likely to get close. we have a safety net now that did not exist before.
  10. lrm21


    Yep. Too many think, that their is some cataclysmic break that is going to happened that going to affect every city.

    Hell go back to the civil war. Some cities mostly in the south got racked. But life went on for everyone if you weren't a soldier. And this was an all out civil war.

    Even in Baghdad people get up and go to work.
    #10     Sep 18, 2009