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  1. I believe that tomorrow, 9/11/,will be a very bad day with the DOW. Any others feeling the same?.. Tomorrow going to be a bear market and time to short a few?
  2. There was no disrespect intended in the title of this thread. But we can't bury our heads in the sand either, and pretend it never happened, anymore than the Holocaust did.

    Unfortunately, there are those that harbor much hostility to our country, and they are not above picking tomorrow to mark their own brand of terrorism.
  3. Just wondering, have you looked at market movement on 9/11 from 2001-now to form your opinion? Or 9/11/09 specific significance?
  4. Nope, I have not looked at the market on the anniversary of 9/11... I just added that extra equation to the notion that not only is tomorrow 9/11, but also that it is a Friday... after nearly a week of bullish behavior.

  5. yeah, like I am very sure you won't be playing the market tomorrow?.. Probably sellin everything in sight. lol
  6. I play bagpipes, so tomorrow I gotta "work".:)
  7. Mvic


    That's one hell of an edge you are trading with (maybe your feeling about something is not enough to generate discussion?)!


    There is another slew of numbers out in the morning and they will be good. I will be watching for weakness tonight hopefully back to the BO area and will be buying and sell after the pop or soon after the open for a short term trade.

    Probably the best trade of the evening though is to put you on ignore before you subject us to anymore foolishness, clearly another iteration of the juvenile troll that keeps posting on ET :D
  8. I saw weakness between FAS and FAZ, so went with my gut during post market. Shorted one and going long on the other. A coin flip for which way I picked.
  9. I always look for a patriotic rally.
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    It was pulled but still, lol.
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