9/11 WTC 7 Discussion

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  1. How does a 47 story building (WTC 7) collapse in free fall with fires on a few floors? No skyscraper in history has ever collapsed from fires. A 44 story building in china burnt for 3 days and didn't collapse, let alone free fall collapse.


    PBS documentary

  2. its a no brainer.

    if little fire is able to demolish a huge building into its own footprint, perfect symmetrical demolition.....

    then why all these controlled demolition companies work so hard to get exactly the same job done with other buildings?

    they could just place some fires here and there (on 6 floors in a 110 story tower) and voila! wait 60 minutes and job is beautifuly DONE.

    no need for explosives, computer simulations, etc.
    case closed.
  3. besides, why common, cheap steel pots in every kitchen do not melt?
    you can put them on fire for many hours....

    hell, they do not melt!

    somehow, magically huge reinforced steel columns in WTC ...
  4. It seems so many still accept the gov't story at face value and it's taboo to question it.

    How dare anyone question the war on terror or the motives behind it.

    The documentary "loose change" also lays out all the facts and still seems mainstream doesn't question one bit.

    The WTC 7 was the deal breaker for me and it's something I can't ignore.

    The laws of physics don't lie.

    The gov't f*cked us.
  5. no, mister.
    the sheeple demanded that to happen.
    who voted for these politicians? who still watches mainstream tv news? the sheeple.

    if people truly wanted to get rid of bush and chenney, they would organize mass protests and riots. but they dont. happy with the way it is.

    on a side note,
    movie Fight Club, premiere date Sep 10th 1999 in Venice
    shows exactly 2 towers being demolished at the end of the movie.
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    Because they're not cooking over burning jet fuel for hours?

    Re bar/steel starts losing it's strength long before it actually melts.

  7. Most/all of that jet fuel was burnt up within seconds after impact. How could it not be?

    Also, WTC 7 had no jets run into it. Fire resistant office furnishings melted that steel in WTC 7?
  8. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/LD06SAf0p9A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Dude shut the fuck up. LOL yea it was an inside job Bush came into office and spent his first 8 months secretly planting explosives in the WTC buildings to take them down all orderly so what.. no one else would get hurt. Think of how fucking stupid that is, then he could justify a make believe war to go steal oil, yeah man you got it. :D^ guess which finger that is.

    oh and apply enough heat and EVERYTHING burns.
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    Seconds? LOL Really? You ever see a jet crash burning?
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