9/11 Videos on the Net and on Tape?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hcour, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Some of the news channels (Fox & CNN that I know of) are showing their 9/11 broadcasts on their websites. I think you have to pay for CNN thru their "Pipeline" service, but Fox is free. It starts at 8:30 EST. I think it'll be fascinating to watch those first few hours again, when the whole world just seemed to turn upside down. The first plane, then the second, then the building collapses - those are probably the most momentous events that will occur in my lifetime, watching it again in realtime should be amazing.

    Does anyone know of any videos or dvds that are being sold anywhere that would have this kind of realtime record of the news channels on that day? I actually have a 6 hr tape I recorded that day of CNN and MSNBC, but I didn't get a chance to start it till about 2:00 EST that afternoon. I think having a video of the news coverage as the events of the morning unfolded would be a great historical document and an important record for future generations.

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    I couldn't get FOX to work but it's running great on CNN.com. Man this is fascinating stuff.

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    Thanks acronym, I'll check it out. MSNBC is playing it back on tv, also.

    Watching this in rt is chilling, heartbreaking, remarkable. I keep thinking what an extraordinary documentary this footage would make but then one remembers this is unedited; there is no director, no filmmaker, and it's that very rawness, the dismay and disarray of the media reportage, that makes it so immediate and poignant.

    I'm no great fan of the news media, it's full of fakes, imo, but I do think they did a fine job covering this extraordinary event. Things are happening all over the place so fast that the very fact that they get most of the facts straight at the time is commendable. There are a couple of rumors that make the air, but they are quickly dispelled.

    One of the most moving points is when the 2nd tower collapses. CNN happened to have the camera trained right on it when it happened and the reporter is clearly overcome watching it, he is obviously deeply affected, but he recovers quickly and maintains his professionalism.

    I do hope somebody puts this out. The video sales profits could go to 9/11 funds. This is something that should be easily available to all Americans, present and future generations.

  4. Watched 'the path to 9/11 " the other night, unbeleivable. Particularly the fighter pilots, one did the fly over to get a recon on it, he didnt realise it was collapsing.
    Then, they scramble an f-18 to "secure" washington...........and it was unarmed.

    Did you find the vid's you were after?
  5. amazing...what struck me was the innocence of 2001.

    the first mention of terrorism was 35 minutes into the cnn coverage.

    different world today.
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    Amazon and Ebay have a lot of stuff, they may have the raw footage there somewhere.