9/11 Truthers

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    When are these people going to quit?


    Ten years after the devastating Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, some Bay Area residents continue to question the official version of events, and will discuss their doubts at a film festival in Oakland and San Francisco this week.

    The festival, "9/11 Reclaiming the Truth, Reclaiming our Future," is organized by the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, a group that formed shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks.

    The lineup of films and speakers kicked off at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland this afternoon, and will continue on Sunday at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco after a march from Justin Herman Plaza to the theater.

    Similar events are being held in Seattle and in Toronto, and a portion of those events will be broadcast live in the Bay Area as part of the film festival.

    The slate of films includes "Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup," "9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out," and "We Were Also Killed on 9/11: First Responders."

    "We've had rallies every year," said Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance co-founder Carol Brouillet. She said the group organized its first film festival in 2004 and has had similar events every year since.

    She said the main goal of the festival is to inform attendees about "the disparity between the official version and the actual events."

    With an event of such magnitude as the Sept. 11 attacks, the details are complicated and there is a huge amount of information to digest.

    For that reason, Brouillet said, there is little agreement even among members of her group as to what happened on that day.

    "Nobody has the same idea of what happened, because it was big, complex, and no one has access to all the information," Brouillet said.

    However, she believes that the federal government was at the very least informed about the attacks and allowed them to happen as justification for a shift in foreign and domestic policy.

    While that view has never gained traction in the mainstream, a recent BBC News poll found that 15 percent of those polled in the U.S. believe that there was a conspiracy behind 9/11 that involved the federal government.

    Brouillet believes that the people raising the questions, who she said are often highly educated, have been unfairly labeled as conspiracy theorists. She acknowledged that the general public finds the topic uncomfortable.

    She said the festival will also address the attacks' psychological effects on Americans, including fear and anger.

    "It was the event of the century, so many people's identity is linked to their identity as an American. They have to do some soul-searching to see what's real, what's true, and who they are, and how to respond to this new information," Brouillet said.

    Those who want to know more about the festival can visit http://www.communitycurrency.org/filmfestival2011.html
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    When they get answers to questions like:

    Just how did all that molten steel wind up at the bottom of WTC 1 & 2?

    How does a collapsing building cause the production of particles of nano-thermite, as have been found throughout the WTC dust?

    Maybe there are prosaic explanations for these things. But NIST and the other official organs aren't giving us *any* explanations.
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    The correct answer is never. Just like the old Kennedy conspiracies have never died nor have the Birthers. All conspiracies are manufactured in such a way to never go away. It's provides meaning to all these people who lead empty lives.
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    Why does wanting an answer to a compelling question mean that you lead an empty life?
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    Max E.

    The thing that i always laugh at is the fact that these conspiracy theorists believe that the same government who couldn't find their ass from a hole in the ground is capable of a mission like this along with a cover up which would have had to involve thousands of people.

    In order for a person to believe a story like this they would also have to believe that there isn't a single decent human being who works for the government who would have spoken by now, Yet the hero of their movement, alex jones, who goes out exposing these the truth behind 9/11 on a daily basis in his radio show has been allowed to live, exposing all the lies the government has ever told.

    Its comical thinking about how irrational these truthers would have to be in order to believe in the basics of the story, and this is before you even get into the evidence that debunks all their myths.
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    The government can't even run the post office which is 10 billion in debt. They can't run Amtrak, which is billions in debt. But they can orchestrate the most elaborate, complex, skillful scheme ever without one thing going wrong. Bartender, I'll have what he's having. :)
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    Exactly, its a bellweather for the dispossesed and the mentally unstable.

    Nano-thermite. lol!
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    I can understand peoples mistrust of what the feds tell us, they are pathological liars; as is our president. But not everything that happens is a conspiracy.
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    You can't really blame them. They are simply people looking for a job. This kind of lunacy will get you a job in the Obama administration. Just ask Van Jones.
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    Laugh all you like. Tell that to the "unstable" professional chemists who have actually examined the stuff.
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