9/11 most bull friendly day of September

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  1. Date SPX Change

    09/11/08 +17.01

    09/11/07 +19.79

    09/11/06 +0.62

    09/09/05 +9.81

    09/10/04 +5.54

    09/11/03 +5.50

    09/11/02 -0.13

  2. Boyaah! patriotic rally.
  3. Pay attention to the 9th trading day. 26% of the time there was a positive close which is not very good odds. Monday might be flat to higher. Tuesday will most probably be a negative close.

    Monday is a coin flip, but Tuesday will be very good odds of a negative close.

    Pay attention to 9605 level on the $INDU. That is the close of trading on September 10th 2001. September 11th was a black swan event that the market had not predicted. If it did not occur, then trading would have been significantly different. Notice how the close of trading on September 10th has become somewhat of a pivotal moment on the chart.

    It might be good to liquidate positions today on the long side.

  4. Where did you get the graph/stats?

  5. I got it from a free blog which sourced it from a subscription site. I could post the links to the blog and subscription site, but I dont think they would take too kindly to that here.

  6. It's not like you're spamming ET. Go ahead, post the blog address. Let people decide if it's useful.

  7. This chart of the $INDU is a little more detailed. You see the high, low and close of the September 10th on the charts.

    Prior to September 10th, the market had pivoted off of the levels several times. It suggests to me that the planners of 9/11 may have had these levels in mind in order to force the market to crash. It sounds far-fetched, but seems too much of a coincidence that it occurred at a exactly a notable pivot point in the market.

  8. Look at this:
    Advanced Chart
    Custom Time Frame----->for example: 9/10/2003....9/12/2003
    Draw Chart
    -----That ought to do "it". :cool:
  9. I was referring to the seasonality chart/stats.

  10. It also happens to be the close of today.
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