9/11 Mastermind Invited to Pentagon months AFTER 9/11

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  1. 9/11 Mastermind Invited to Pentagon

    Paul Joseph Watson
    October 21, 2010

    Al-Qaeda terror mastermind Anwar Al-Awlaki, the man who helped plot the aborted Christmas Day bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, the Times Square bombing attempt, and who also preached to the alleged September 11 hijackers, dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11 documents obtained by Fox News show.

    American-born cleric Awlaki’s role as a key figure in almost every recent terror plot targeting the United States and Canada, coupled with his visit to the Pentagon, only confirms our long stated position that Awlaki is a chief terrorist patsy-handler for the CIA – he is the federal government’s premier false flag agent.

    “Documents exclusively obtained by Fox News, including an FBI interview conducted after the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009, state that Awlaki was taken to the Pentagon as part of the military’s outreach to the Muslim community in the immediate aftermath of the attacks,” states the report.

    Article continues, click here to read a portion of the documents and see video..... http://www.infowars.com/al-qaeda-mastermind-invited-to-pentagon-after-911/

    Alex Jones you were RIGHT again....you have been talking about these connections for MANY years now.....nailed another CALL! :cool:
  2. In recent months I see FAUX News has been releasing odd stories like they are already POSITIONING to "hedge" their previous 9/11 reporting......interesting (but not at all untypical when tides start to turn....to be positioned on BOTH sides of fence if fence falls!).

    9/11 Coverup Finds a Voice on FOX with Judge Napolitano..........

  3. Review it all and there it is..................assets/entities/factions within US government talking with and DIRECTING all Al Qaeda activities leading up to 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:


    Just like FBI assets/entities/factions lead all terrorist actions leading up to first WTC bombings!

    The US government is so polluted with assets/entities/factions who control various agencies operations, the citizenry does not have a clue what the hell is going on. The US citizenry has been detached from control over THEIR government.....and to this point, they ACCEPT IT! :eek:
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