9/11 Hijackers US Military Base Training Documented

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    Bush and Cheney both trained for the mission but backed out at the last minute. There is also direct evidence that somebody dug up George Washington and gave him some pilot training as well but that didn't work out. There is no telling who else may be involved.

    I'm digging a fucking bunker. Trust no one.
  2. Cowardly Republican scum!
  3. ....are exactly the same as the manipulated cowardly democrat scum! Most all the left/right loving masses have no clue how the false LEFT / RIGHT paradigm guides them into their intellectually vacant oblivion! :eek:
  4. I'll never understand how AMT continues to post these ideas (which, btw, I'm almost in complete agreement with), yet posts a smiley face after all of them. Do you find all of it humorous? Do you not for a second think that you'll be just as fucked as everyone else in this country when it all falls apart?

    Maybe you've got a rocket ship all ready to shoot straight into outer space 10 minutes before TSHTF.
  5. The only thing that makes me smile in all this "directed" chaos is that I was taught to ALWAYS BE VIGILANT.......and I am very happy I learned that a long time ago! :cool:
  6. You have ALSO been CONNED by the Globalist Wealth Entities (worlds Central Banking entities)!!! :eek:

    The jew / arab GAME is nothing but an ongoing "created" distraction for the land of OIL!

    Globalist Wealth Entities (mostly old western europen wealth families dating back to 1700's) use jews as minion lackeys to conduct ops just as they do white/black boy US govt minions. The arabs in the world have also been CONNED into the "created" lifetime enemy of Israel......THEY have the jews / arabs like stupid little kids fighting in a sand box with NO PRIZE at the end of your "directed" battles.

    ENJOY your CON! :eek:
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    just a troll post
  8. BTW, this ------> :eek: <------ is a "Oh no Mr Bill" face.....NOT a smiley face.

    That is the exact PERFECT look for those who find out the reality of their situation as it back handed bitch slaps them! :D :cool:
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