9/11 hijackers brought into US with....."National Security Visas"

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  1. So how many of you KNEW THAT...........ha, just what I thought....less then .000000001% of you! :eek:

    J. Michael Springmann (Chief of Visa Dept in Jeddah Saudi Arabia) discusses how 9/11 hijackers were specifically set up for access into the US prior to 9/11;

    Go to 00:06:39 on video for full details............ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28tE0fKpISM
  2. Too bad the 9/11 Commission never told you about this! :eek:
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    They told me. In a top double super secret message sent by special courier. It self destructed 5 seconds after reading it, so as to avoid the word getting out.
  4. .....and as most of the weak timid and docile masses, you accept THEIR presented reality so you can hide in the comfort of THEIR lies! :eek:

    Maybe you enjoy be someones BITCH........no thanks, not for me! :eek:
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    AMT4SWA, are you going rogue soon?
  6. Independent, liquid, and mobile as always......nothing new! :cool:

    I can Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome about anything at this point they throw at us.......I am not at all codependent on any aspects of THEIR system (for 8 years now). :)
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    So, you are like Rambo hiding in the Texas hill country?
  8. I don't hide......always in the open wherever I am at....Austin, Las Vegas, XXXXXX, XXXXXX. :cool: