9/11 Family Member Patty Casazza: Government Knew Exact Date and Exact Targets

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bitstream, Nov 8, 2007.

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  2. John Lear speaks about Flight 77 and 9/11 part 1 of 2
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  3. If this is the same John Lear as the one quoted in this link,
    then you'll have to believe in aliens on earth before you believe the 9/11 conspiracy.

    Or maybe it was the aliens who did it?

    I just love the ending of Mr. Lear's statement:

    "A well planned invasion of Earth for it's resources and benefits would not begin with mass landings of ray-gun equipped aliens. A properly planned and executed invasion by a civilization thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of years in advance of us would most likely be complete before even a handful of people, say 12?, realized what was happening. No fuss, no muss. The best advice I can give you is this: Next time you see a flying saucer and are awed by its obvious display of technology and gorgeous lights of pure color - RUN LIKE HELL!"
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  4. i posted it because someone made reference to it.
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  5. Nobody has dispelled a relevant item in the 9/11 Report to date and I'd be surprised if they did. More people ought to read it. Probably 3$ on amazon by now.

    Bin Laden confessed to ordering the crime. And those people listed in the report did it. Case closed.

    If Hillary wins, will you conspiracists be back with Clintons Killed My Baby stuff?
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  6. it's true, mr. lear has some very whack theories. but his rundown of the technical capabilities of aircraft seemed pretty tight which was why i thought conversations here about airspeed might benefit from the link

    i scoured the web last night for the handful of existing footage of flight 11, and as many photos as i could find, frame by frames, etc of the first plane and the entry hole.

    i have to admit, the footage does not match what i saw. the fireman video is too fast and grainy to say either way. the brooklyn 'web artist' guy's frame of flight 11 on approach is way high. it just doesn't jive. at the altitude portrayed in these, the plane just wouldn't have gotten our immediate attention as it came over us from behind like it did. granted it was about 3 seconds that happened 6 years ago, but also the kind of experience that imprints deeply in your memory. the plane was very close and i just can't imagine remembering it that way from a 100 story flyby

    from our vantage point facing straight down renwick street from the north sidewalk of spring st, we were literally looking straight up the back of the plane and directly at a full view of WTC 1. a few really tall condos went up on that block since then, but they weren't there in 01.

    first there was an engine roar, next it was pretty much right in front of us. i think we looked at each other and said 'holy shit that plane's going to crash'. initially i thought it was going to hit close to the ground in the financial district. i also remember thinking it couldn't have been higher than maybe twice the height of the buildings behind us which were 6-10 stories....and that anyone on rooftops would have been practically grazed. immediately it followed an upward arc and left bank smoothly up into the tower with more of a high pitched fast crack sound than the kaboom one would expect. then we're staring at a perfect airplane shaped hole in the wtc and i turn to my friend and just said 'this is a really bad sign'. the air looked like it was full of glitter and we realized it was 10 foot shards of glass. the fire inside was deep red. almost didn't seem real

    but we were literally looking directly at it's final path and i have been describing that arced trajectory up into the building since the day it happened. when i asked my friend yesterday she volunteered the same thing. i never really considered it unique or possibly a noteworthy aspect until seeing NIST diagrams showing a descent into the final impact which is just a really obvious contradiction with what we both saw. i've been hanging out at runways, tooling with flight simulators, building rc airplanes etc since i was a kid. i feel confident in what i saw.

    i took a look at the impact hole diagrams and read a few websites speculating as to a mismatch with the wingspan and dihedral of a 767 with the hole. it seemed to me like those questions DO jive with what i saw. what they're not accounting for in those attempts to fit an image and 767 dimensions into the hole are an upward pitch and combined with a slightly diagonal impact almost like a left yaw. plus, under load (i think that's how you would describe it) ... i think the dihedral angle is steeper and wingspan tighter which could explain the mismatch people are seeing
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  7. have you considered the possibility that it was allowed to happen on purpose
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  8. By who? Exactly who? We had an new admin in chaos - it's always that way with a change in power. They'd won in the Supreme Court 6 months before - Bush was just getting into it - I don't even know if his wife was there full time yet. Then August was vacation. And probably 50-75% of nominated positions in the gummint were unfillled.

    Did they blow it? Maybe the FBI did. The last clear chance was probably there if there was a chance to stop it. Planned it? No way. And if it was a conspiracy, why are you all fighting about aeronautical engineering crap and not producing likely participants?
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  9. well i for one appreciate you taking the time to try to hunt down the info. your first hand experience is very compelling. i've listened to several taped phone calls of the original video makers and it is odd how many get freaked out when questioned about details and inconsistencies in their videos.
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  10. sure, anything i can do. this is the first glaring contradiction i've seen with the official technical explanation

    i've been meditating on the memory and racking my brain for other possible sources of footage. i find it almost impossible to believe we only have 3 photographic accounts of flight 11. there are thousands of store and street cameras all over manhattan, and i would think there had to be tens of cameras pointed downtown from roofs in midtown, news, weather cameras etc. heck there are something like 20 cameras in washington sq alone (granted mostly pointed at the ground i would think)...

    i know of lots of very elaborate private photography post flight 11, but still there have to be several thousand downtown eye witnesses of flight 11. if i could go back i would have documented the shit out of that day... gone down there with a video cam interviewing everyone possible.

    i would think you could make your way east from the tunnel on the north side of canal st and find lots of people who saw flight 11 firsthand. those vendors turn over, but a lot of them have been there every day, very early, for years.

    in any case, now that an official technical account has been posited, it may make more sense for people with footage to come carefully forward.

    anything to get specifically at corroborated accounts and enhance the investigative, cough, efforts that happened. personally i think there are probably many untold insights, possibly waiting for the end of this presidency
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