9/11 Family Member Patty Casazza: Government Knew Exact Date and Exact Targets

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  1. :p Yourself, still voting for RP?
    Yeah, ridiculous stuff-the only relevant issue is the censored pentagon tapes, ultimately, ive said that for some time.

    Im sure they will be released in 30-40 years time, like everything else people dont know what their voting for at the time will be released, to "prove" the sincerity of the current, future government-
    in the future.

    Im glad someone saw the inherent humour in it, the typical politicospeak doubletalk-a case can be made for anything, anytime, about anything, for any reason, everything else is lack of acceptance that odds are, your powerless as a political or social entity, and are mightily screwed.
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  2. i guess this video was created to throw off the truth movement also?

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  3. bottomline.... anything that points back to the media being complicit on 9/11 is going to be attacked by the usual suspects. so... we play the game of "blame it all on bush" and nobody gets hurt. LOL silly rearden :eek:
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  4. sounds like someone has been reading up on the truth movement. there currently is a dogma against anyone that dares to mention TV Fakery. they jump all over the no planers. personally i think jets hit the towers. what i find odd is an engine from a 737 being found 2 blocks from the "hit." WHAT 737???

    also, call boeing and ask them whats top speed at that altitude for a 757 or a 767. it sure as hell aint 500 plus mph. that creates a few problems. the north tower jet was on a level flight path.
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  5. NIST estimates the north tower was hit at 443mph+- 30 mph.

    I remember landing gear debris/tires being found 2 blocks from the towers. What is your source for engine debris being found 2 blocks from the towers?
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  6. call boeing and ask them if 443 mph is possible that low to the ground.

    as for the 737... google it.
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  7. NIST also says AA11 hit the north tower at a 10 degree down angle - in a dive.


    Table E-3 on page lxii

    So, since I've proved that you're wrong about:
    1- Not going 500 mph
    2- Not in level flight, so capable of 443 mph that low to the ground

    I see no need to proceed until you show your source about the 737 engine parts.

    But I assume this is the engine you're referring to, found at Murray and Church - see attached.

    But let's remember that this is the same bunch that couldn't identify the engine rotor found at the Pentagon correctly.
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  8. Yes.

    What are the limitations supposed in the video?

    1- physical limitations of the plane


    2- physical limitations of the pilot


    3- other
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  9. haroki.. why do you hate my country so much... and my freedoms? you know and i know the 9/11 official story is a bunch of chit. im not playing your little game.... you are the chickenhawk that ran your mouth... and then you were too scared to go on the radio show. one big flabby wussboy. go play in ur pink stockings somewhere.
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  10. So, you know the video's a sham and now must revert, once again, to ad hom...

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