9/11 Drama comes to ABC on Sunday/Monday

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Sep 8, 2006.

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    I thought the docudrama was good as far as fiction goes, but I was hoping for more. They kept flashing this text saying that some of these scenes were fiction. What I wish I knew is what parts were fiction and which parts were fact :(

    This morning they are interviewing some of the principals that were involved in 9/11 one way or the other, and there were many conflicting viewpoints expressed that left me more confused than not.

  3. Interveiwing principals?
    Like the two firefighters at the pentagon, who were stood down indefinitely, when they dared to speak on tape?

    Couldnt watch it, when the credit's rolled and said "this is not a documentary".
    Barf.....then what the heck was it.

    Docudrama, geesh, pukeworthy, they always are.

    Why in the flying F#k does it need dramatisation?
    New Orleans, the movie, oh wait -they did that already, blech.

    Your an intelligent guy nitro, i dont understand how you could have thought this "peice" worthy of your time from the get-go.
    Maybe your an optimist :)
  4. It projected itself as very damning towards the clinton administration, didn't it? I guess you can decide for yourself where abc's parent is aligned...
  5. I hadn't planned on watching, but I flipped over during one of the interminable breaks in the football game and I never switched back. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. The scenes from Pakistan and Afghanistan were riveting, and interspersing them with the endless meetings in Washington said it all.

    As for the Clintonistas whining, I understand their complaints, but then no one likes to be criticized, especially when it is accurate. Did anyone doubt that the leadership of the CIA was incompetent, that Sandy Berger was a sneaky little weasel and that Mdeline Albright a pushy bitch who didn't grasp the significance of the situation? I'm sure the Bushies will come in for their share of citicism tonight. Certainly they deserve it too. I thought the criticism was not overly personal, but rather it highlighted the difficulty those at the sharp end of the stick faced in getting approval to take action and the difficulty of fighting a crafty, intelligent, motivated enemy with no such burdens.

    I'm impressed that a network as relentlessly liberal as ABC put this on. No doubt they would have never agreed to do so if they had anticipated the blowback for their masters in the Democrat Party, but they would have looked like supine cowards if they pulled it after all the publicity.
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    I think it holds to what really happened pretty well. Read the 911 Comission report. I think the disclaimer was for the fact that scenes were necessarily "fictionalized" regarding some of the dialogue. I was also very amazed at the cinematic quality, reagrdless of the content. I think Madeline Albright comes across the worst. No wonder she is bitching :D
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    Bush and Americal Airlines are now both saying that the movie is innacurate.

    A documentary on what part of this docudrama is innacurate and which is accurate would be interesting. Anything for ratings I guess.