9/11 and Financial Meltdown of '08

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  1. The Bush administration should go down as one of the best in history in dealing with catastrophic events brought on by liberals who chose to advance their ideologies at all cost.

    Well done W.

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  2. I agree.

    It took FDR 100 days to handle his banking problems, then 10 years to recover.

    Bush and his team, in one week has put a structure together to deal with this issue.

    FDR greatest credit was to restore confidence to the nation, Bush has restored confidence to the markets.

    Iraq is going well, 2 years longer then it should have, but the Surge has changed our whole approach to street fighting. It will help save lives as we go to Afghanistan.

    No terror attacks since 9/11.

    Bush will end up just under Reagan in Presidental greatness
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    Good luck in the souplines.
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    Only 23 US dead last month and a few hundred (reported) Iraqi dead last month. We are turning the corner, again.

    You mean, except for Wednesday when the US embassy in Yemen was attacked with two car bombs, mortars, infantry, multiple wounded, one guard and 13 school girls killed.
  5. If you want to measure military results by deaths then some of those WW2 battles were major defeats to the US

    Yemen? Who lives in Yeman? You guys are exhausting to discuss with. When I say no attacks since 9/11 do I need to disclaim every place in the world except the USA.

    You argue like children. They try to find the most obscure data to justify their uneducated and illogical conclusion.
  6. That's true. And measuring by deaths Vietnam was a great victory for the US.

    Would you like to measure by stability? By economic growth? By reducing terror attacks? (Terror attacks are up since before 2003.) You pick.

    That embassy is US soil, my friend. And who lives there? Americans.

    Not obscure at all -- your statement that there haven't been any terror attacks is false (and ridiculous). In fact terror attacks have risen since before the great cure of Iraq.
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  9. More than that, it's downright frightening that such people walk freely among us. Unmedicated.
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