8x8x16 Cement Block - $1

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  2. OMG ROFL :D that's funny! i love it! that guy is cool
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    I know the feeling :D
  4. The cinder block seller must be getting inquiries from the people I used to work with.
  5. LT701


    i once sold a 1967 Pontiac LeMans convertible, a decent driver that looked ok, but needed some work

    I bought it, had it estimated, then decided i didnt want to take it as far as i had to go to get it right

    so i turned around and put it up for sale for what i paid, $2300

    i swear every pinhead that came to look at it had heard th old wives tale of the classic car that the owner didnt know it's worth, and expected basically a perfect GTO convertible for $2300 (less, after haggling)

    one guy (in some software sales) called me at the 'big 6' firm i worked at, after looking at it on a saturday and expected me to connect him 'to a manager' to help him make a sale. Who the f&^% did he think he was?!?!?!

    i was fed up and ready to liquidate, but one guy, after sticking my nose in every tiny flaw said 'well, i can only give you 1500, otherwise i drove across kansas to look at a rusty car'

    'looks like you did' i said, and dismissed him

    f-cking jerk could have had the car for that price, if he'd had any manners


    i understand this guy's attitude - people can be such JERKS when buying something - i always stiffen the price to someone with an attitude thinking, 'i may end up having to sell it for that price, but not to you...'

    foreigners are THE WORST. i once sold my old laptop. went to meet this foreign jerk at a university library, and after looking over it, he wants to install something on it to make sure it works, but doesnt have a car, and needs a ride back to his house(he didnt bring the software) where his kid has the flu (catching the flu was several times the value of the laptop to me)

    then he wants a discount, he wants me to front him the computer, oh, and he wants a guarantee, too

    i finally just said 'you can have it for the price i offered, in cash, right here, right now, as is. he argues and i just say 'you declined my offer, i'm not selling to you, good bye'

    WTF is wrong with these people?

    (I worked at Target years ago, whenever someone wanted to recheck the total bill, it was always, ALWAYS asians. And the re-check was to the penny, each and every time)

    and i dont care what people offer, as long as they're polite, and accept my answer, rather than expecting an explanation

    i hate selling stuff - i either use it until it's spent, or donate
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    Wifey inherited an absolute trash pile of a house a year ago and we have been cleaning it up and having a continual yard sale..... friendly and polite people get huge discounts and great service, jerks get run out... I told more than one guy "come back when you have some money to spend". There are a lot of brainless and thoughtless individuals out there, we learned to ignore them over time..... once you get the knack of selectively not allowing memories to go to long term storage they have only a 15 second lifespan........
  7. once you get the knack of selectively not allowing memories to go to long term storage they have only a 15 second lifespan........


    Good one. I've gotten to the point that before I buy something I ask myself "How hard will it be to throw this away once I buy it?."