8x8 (Packet 8)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by keyser1, Aug 3, 2007.

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    8x8 (Pure VoIP company).

    Just had its 1st ever profitable quarter (500k GAAP earnings)


    Is this a sign the company will do well in the next few years, turning the increasing subscriber rates into increasing profits?
  2. Do they have any wire? Any fibre?
  3. keyser1


    No fibre/wire. They're not a telecom or cable company, simply a VoIP provider.

    ~90mil market cap
    This past q
    + cash flow
    + earnings
    + revenue
    + no indications of patent infringements

    They're most recent presentation tells it better than I could in words so I'll just link it..

    Personally, I think this company is a good short term & long term buy as they've turned the quarter from losses to profit; the VoIP industry as a whole will be growing substantially over the next few years; and they're cost consious.

    Given this is a tiny company, its tough to find much analysis about them, so just throwing it out on this board to see if anyone has followed them