8k buyer in TY today 48k total....who knows

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  1. There was a 8k lot buyer in the TY today who did 48K total, all in 1 lot icebergs.

    Looking for any info.
  2. yeah I saw him bid at 124 even and 123,24.5 I think,,,

    I counted around 6k on the first price and I would guess around 5-6k on the second. I also noticed other icebergs at other prices.

    How did you get 8k and 48k?

    also how do you know it was the same guy?

    those were some amazing icebergs!

  3. he bought the first 8k on the 124s, then there was a 3k iceberg on the 123-245s which shot us back up, where we went up to the 124-045s and came back only to find another 16k on the 124s. Another 8k on the 123-29s and then back down to the 3k iceberg to finish off with another 5k. I left after that and one of the guys who was watching it said he saw one more that was 8k.

    All on fucking 1 lot icebergs.

    We're just trying to figure out what the hell was going on. It looked like a local holding the market up at first because of the 60k that traded from 000-045, but it just seems too crazy that any house would let someone do that.

    Impressive none the less.
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    He's upside down on his position. Will be in more pain when TY closed down again tomorrow.
  5. maybe
  6. If 123-09 support breaks on TY-H9, it could fall south of 120.

    It IS support, though...

    Maybe it'll hold.
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    TY pit closed near its low of the day. Another down day for TY.
    Nothing but amateurs trying to pump up prices.