$875 GOLD in 2007

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  1. My guy gave me the SPX @1260 and told me it was going to 1383. Sold for a very nice profit right at that price.

    This week he posted a special Gold Report, and stated it was going to $875.

    Just thought I'd pass this along :)
  2. Really?
    He must be a genius.
    From my journal,

    "10-19-06 01:24 AM

    The buying pressure is SHOT, 12,200 (remember, im looking at the prorealtime eod djxxxx) but it is SHOT out and Goooone.

    Its an early christmas, folks, buy gold and be merry.

    Ok, gold COULD go lower now, but you get the picture."

    He must be a genius!
    Your guy must be good

  3. Well, my level of TA is not as sophisticated, but here's my chart based on the GLD ETF (not set up for futures on amibroker, sorry).

    Fairly convincing rise out of this triangle on the upside. Target 850 -890. FWIW I did expect a downside breakout from that pattern, so keep your stops tight.

  4. I guess that makes two now :)
  5. Sounds good to me too. Good luck!
  6. After a few days of going sideways to lower

    Gold should again start heading up from here ...
  7. Hey acronym,most of these people still dont understand .Like I said in the Gold has Topped forum(pages 9-12),sold the first week in december and went to Monterey.I wonder if I can get a time frame on that $875 price the poster and drsteph mentioned.
  8. Hi Seth,hope you are well. I agree, the trend is still firmly in place.But I dont think the POG will be able to surpass the closing spot price of $721 set on May11,'06 and maintain a level above that until 2008.I think we are range bound,just like the POG went from $325 to $390 and then back to the sub $325 level,and then lingered there for quite some time, before evenyually surpassing the $400 level and remaining there.There is just too much at stake.Goodluck and good trading.
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