86% Of Black Families Are Single Parent In Richmond, VA

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    Maybe black male babies should be sterilized at birth. That would probably solve the abortion issue, too.

    Within the African-American demographic, 86 percent of all families in the city of Richmond, VA are single-parent households., a number that surpasses the national average.

    Experts have said that more often than not, it’s the father who leaves the family.

    “We have a major father absenteeism issue in Richmond,” First Things First Executive Director Truin Huntle said. “I wish more people were discussing why this is such a major issue. We see more people beginning to give some credence to it because they are looking for the root cause of other issues like childhood poverty, poor performance in school. Father absenteeism, broken homes, broken marriages and teen pregnancy are continually being found as the root cause of those problems.”

    Henrico Police Chief Doug Middleton said he has noticed a correlation to crime as well.

    “I do know that a large of number of young folks we interact with do not have a father in their home and I think it’s on all of us to recognize a responsibility to help those children,” Chief Middleton said.

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    A practical common sense solution, unfortunately it's not PC.
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    Charlie Daniels understands where the problem originates.

    One of my biggest heroes was my maternal grandfather or "Granddaddy" as I called him. He was born in 1895 and I never knew anyone who fit the description of a "man's man" any better than he did.

    He could build a house, a boat, grow crops, handle livestock and supervise the work of other men, a natural leader, master hunter and fisherman, a big man with a heart full of charity and a head full of common sense.

    He worked all his life, until he was in his middle 80s, didn't ask for or receive assistance feeding his family, weathered his storms and raised his children with nothing more than his own ingenuity and an abiding faith in his Creator. And, the amazing thing is that he was, by no means, an anomaly. Most of his generation, give or take a little, had the same work ethic and the same abilities and the same sense of responsibility as him.

    You could literally have left these men and their families in the wilderness with some seed, some tools, a mule and plow and a bushel of shotgun shells and they could have made it.

    They were not only capable, but they were also practical and willing to accept responsibility for the wellbeing of them and theirs. They didn't waste time whining about what might have been and knew how to make do with what they had.

    They feared little besides Almighty God and believed they had the right to protect their families from any danger that presented itself.

    This United States of America has gone from a nation of men like this to a generation of whiners who would rather fake an injury and draw a disability check than hold down an honest job and people who are so dependent on the government that, instead of trying to escape a flood, they simply sit and wait for somebody to come and get them.

    Back during the aftermath of Katrina when the Superdome in New Orleans was basically a refugee camp with thousands of displaced persons who had to be housed and fed, an acquaintance of one of my band members, out of the goodness of his heart, took a big load of chicken sandwiches and bottled water to the Dome to help in the effort - only to be told by many people, "I don't want a chicken sandwich, I want a Big Mac and fries."

    What would happen to these people if they were just required to show up for work every day and were paid for only what they produce, much less to go out in the world and fend for themselves?

    What would happen if, God forbid, a national catastrophe would interrupt the flow of goods and services for an extended length of time, what would happen to these totally dependent citizens and what would the millions of illegal immigrants roaming America do?

    Such has become the mentality of much of the entitlement society of today: it's somebody else's place to give me what I want, when I want it. And, make sure my check gets here on time.

    Lyndon Johnson's Great Society was presented as the greatest humanitarian political undertaking of the century, but when you get to the bottom of its true intent, I think you would find mostly politics designed to sway the vote for generations to come.

    The provisions of the Great Society legislation may look good on paper, but when the ramifications reach street level, it fosters laziness, irresponsibility, drug and alcohol dependence and the wholesale birth of children whose fathers are never identified, who have to be supported by the state and stand at least a 50-50 chance of becoming street criminals.

    The cesspool our government has turned into has neither the honesty nor the will to confront the root of this problem and on it goes, worsening with every passing day, unabated until we finally reach the tipping point when this nation is flat broke, no longer able to send the monthly checks, pick up the abortion bill, provide the food stamps or subsidize housing.

    So folks, cinch up your saddle and make sure your feet are in the stirrups, because when this thing finally blows, it's going to be a wild ride.

    I sure hope some of Granddaddy's genes passed on to me.

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    Pspr, Charlie Daniels is the epitome of common sense. Btw, I do remember getting my butt whipped by my Dad as a kid for turning up the "you son of a bitch" part of his song "devil went down to Georgia," as we were riding in the big ugly station wagon. Lol! Yep, he pulled over to the side of the road, and tanned my hide right there as cars passed by honking their horns laughing. I NEVER did that again, however...
  6. Let's acknowledge and not forget exactly how all of this degeneration happened.

    It was NOT... citizens begging the government, "give me _______" It's not fair that some people have _______, and I don't".

    It WAS/IS.... SCUMBAG POLITICIANS... so at one point said, "Vote for me and I'll give you _________" (Something you want or need... something others have [mostly because they've earned it... but that's beside the point]... and you don't).

    At first, it was a "little this and that... affordable for a wealthy society". Has since morphed into "I'll give you everything I can in exchange for your vote".

    As a result, we have a parasitic society... always clamoring for more and more from the people they elect.

    Anyone with half-a-brain knows where this all ends... the same as it has throughout history. Even the Russians say, "STUPID AMERICANS... THEY SHOULD HAVE LEARNED FROM OUR FAILED ATTEMPT AT COMMUNISM".

    :mad: :mad:
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    Do you remember when it was legal for politicians to go into rural America with loads of liquor, and give out 5th's to people who had voter's cards? That practice is now HIGHLY illegal, and a federal offense if done. My question, wtf is the difference in what was done then vs now?:confused: :eek:
    Oh I know, the loads of "free" liquor were baby shit $$$ along side of what these tyrants are LEGALLY doing to the tune of billions upon billions so they can remain tyrants.:mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. Dat's cause chicken samiches R raycist.:D
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    Maybe he should have served them with a slice of watermelon. :eek:
  10. Don't forget the orange drink.
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