85-year-old Grandma Violated by TSA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shortie, Dec 3, 2011.

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    And the sheeple chanted: "Hope and Change...hope and change..."
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    And Shortie was first in line at the TSA to pat down grandma AFTER she stripped :D
  3. Hope and change? TSA and Homeland Security, a $40 billion dollar boondoggle were created by Republicans, theres a agency to do away with, save almost $500 billion pr decade.:(
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    TSA and Homeland Security, a $40 billion dollar boondoggle, was created by both parties during the Bush administration. After Mr. Hope and Change was elected in 2008 the Democrats controlled the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House. They shoved Obamacare down our throats but did absolutely nothing to put a leash on the TSA or the Department of Homeland Security. They did not repeal the Patriot Act. They did nothing to restore the Constitution.
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    ...and perpetuated by democrats/Obama.

    Remember the first two years of Mr's Hope and Change's presidency? He/they could have ended both, if they wanted. Obviously they didn't want to.
  6. Once goverment gets power it never gives it back so most of the blame lies with the guy who started TSA,patriot act ,homeland security etc in the first place...REPUBLICAN GEORGE W BUSH

    Stop electing republicans then expect democrats to clean up their mess

    I commend Clinton for cleaning up Reagan's mess but even he couldn't clean up the pile of shit George W left behind
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    You're a democrat cheerleader/lackey. Nothing more.
  8. BTW have any of the republicans presidential candidates other then Paul say they will end the TSA ???

    I remember at the debates Newt saying he was proud of the patriot act and had no intentions of ending it
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    I'm a lot more conservative than AK-47 (maybe my handle should be AR-15) but he's right about this. That's why for me its either Ron Paul or a third party candidate. No Constitution shredding neocon need apply.
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