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  1. hi, i am currently trading thru a canadian firm with the following deal:

    deposit: min 3000
    buying power : 20 : 1 plus
    commission : $0.0002/share
    payout : 70%-75% depending on PL
    software : $200, sterling inc quotes

    it is all fine, just that i wanna raise my payout to 85-90%. I dont wanna go all the way to 100% as that will raise the commission so much. also, i would like to have a deposit of something like 4k.
    can anyone recommend some firms that can do a 85% payout with less than $1/1000shares commissions ?
  2. Have you searched the ads on this forum?
    Your commission is very low already
  3. i was contacted by a new canadian firm called Everest Capital.
    The firm offers:

    capital: $3000 plus
    buying: 200,000 plus
    commission: 0.0004/share
    payout: 85%
    software: 200/month sterling

    what do you think
  4. if your commission portion isnt that big, its ok deal.
  5. not bad at all. any links or reviews?

    lock up? any catches?
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  7. Hey, what is the firm you rae trading with? these conditions seems great for me?

    Thanks for replying ;)
  8. You already have the best deal around. I put much emphasis on the software, so my current deal is worse, but I get to use Anvil at least