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Discussion in 'Trading' started by balda, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. balda


    does anyone use 81 min charts?
    it divides intraday ES on 6 even bars
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    It will be called: "T-REX"
  3. I use a 65 min for stocks, occasionally a 39 min with 10 bars per day.:eek:
  4. The ES and NQ are open for 405 minutes for the day session. I divide that number by 3 and get 135 min. I do have a 135 minute NQ chart going at all times, and occasionally look at the 135 min ES.

    There are five 81 minute bars per session, not 6.
  5. I look at 390 minute charts all the time.
  6. The logic with the 81 min chart is to force the bars into pivots. There are five 81 min bars a futures trading day from 8:30-3:15. With the odd number of bars the trading day in forced into pivots.

    With pivots you capture the high and low of the day and can also determine what kind of day it was: Z, trend day etc...
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    Great, now everyone knows.:mad:
    what am I suppose to do? where can I find another Holy Grail:D

    P.S. It is 5 bars in a day. But I was just checking you guys:D
  8. deal with overnight hours ?

    not include them in charts?
  9. balda


    overnight action is not included
  10. Ebo


    Overnight is static.
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