80th richest person in the world, squatting illegally in government bungalow.

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  1. I actaually doubt this is a function of ideology!
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    There was an article some time ago describing these ministerial homes... I believe the few properties that change hands in these areas sell for the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  3. Stems from a sense of entitlement, I'm rich and influential, this is home, why should I move.
  4. Indians are morally corrupt by birth (caste) for the past 3000 years.
    Google "90% of corrupt money is with Forward Caste people"
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    Indians are corrupt but not for 3000 years, I would say for 300 years since the poverty set in due to foreign rules etc.

    This moral corrupt nature also results in Indian businessmen 'slavishly' exploiting the employees. Hire for 8 hours a day and work up for 10 is just a norm. All the while pay is the same.

    However for a billionaire woman to be sqatting is outright shamelessness.
  6. What do you mean the poverty set in due to foreign rules? India has been conquered so many times that there has always been foreign rules throughout their history. The times when they did rule themselves, they collapsed due to their corruption. The more corrupt a people are(not just leaders, but the people in general) the more easily they are conquered.

    There is this assumption that only the rich are corrupt, but its not true. The poor are generally more corrupt, they just dont have the power to affect too many lives at once with their corruption.

    For instance. I was traveling in a 3rd world country, and some young girl (maybe about 10) comes up to me holding a baby. Says she needs money to feed the baby because its hungry. I give her some money and she leaves. I watch her walk over to her friend about 50 feet away (who was also about 10), hand her the baby and the friend makes a beeline straight for me. What did she ask? She wanted money because the baby was hungry. Apparently hoping I wouldnt notice it was the same baby.

    The point? Instead of having character and just asking me for money for themselves(which I would've given) they thought they could get more out of me by showing up with the same baby. That is corruption in its purest form. Thats the kind of stuff that goes on in India. Its the character of the people. Its their mentality.
  7. Have you learned nothing in your travels? To even mention these poor girls in a thread discussing the criminality of this billionaire thief is incredible. Do you really think what may be both an act of stupidity and desperation on the part of these girls is truly "corruption in its purest form"? Might not the old billionaire woman be more purely corrupt in her greed? Please, tell me you are not serious with that statement before I puke!

    I'm reminded of this well known quote:

    The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.

    Anatole France

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    Corruption in the Hindu/Buddha world is through the roof, always was. In Thailand a hit costs about $100 and it happens a lot. A friend grew up there, he told me that once the killers are on the job your only chance is if they are your friends. One PERCEIVED insult will get a price on your head.. I live in the California Central Coastal region, whole lot of flakey people calling themselves Buddhists and talking about reincarnation and how God couldn't possibly punish anybody, etc.. They would take us back thousands of years if they weren't surrounded by Christianity.
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    India was doing very fine till the 1100 AD when Islamics started to attack and plunder. By 1500 India was nearly an Islamic sultanate. By 1600 British started usurping country part by part and by 1850s whole country was a British colony. While British did not plunder and burn cities they kind of kept the economy under the wraps leaving only agriculture and basic sections going. India was extremely poor by 1947 when the British left.

    Poverty will breed all sorts of crimes. Also, Indians adopted the high flavored socialism which inherently breeds corruption. In many a sense, India got real independence in 1992 when it adopted serious market reforms and economy grow more in 20 years since then when compared to 45 years prior to 1992.

    Btw, there is no comparison between India and Thailand. Two very different cultures. However, Thailand is Buddisht only in name, not in culture. There is also lots of Buddhism in South Korea but not in culture that much. Seems religion does not play a big part in some countries, for them lifestyle and trends are more important. Kind of like hard religious Islamic country like Saudi vrs secular country like Turkey or Egypt.
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