$800 to $350 million in only 2 weeks!

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  1. I'll try and recall it as best I can as told to me by a professor who was in the Air Force. Basically, a Uranium clock is the most accurate clock known to man, accurate to something like one second per million years. A uranium clock was put on each of two AF jets, with the clocks both precisely at the same readings. One flew at top speed with the rotation of the Earth, and one flew at top speed opposite the Earth's rotation. Upon landing, it was discovered that the uranium clocks were no longer in synch, but rather one was now behind the other by 2 seconds. This would probably tie into what you said about "time slowing down". Either way, fascinating stuff.
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  2. Yes, that's what I meant too. This was first done long time ago, probably in the 80-ties if not 70-ties, that's the relativistic time delay you encounter in such situations. The famous twin paradox is based on the same principle.
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    Not the way I heard it :D. One day, a group of folks decided to measure the speed of the rotation of the Earth, so they fired a laser first from East to West, then West to East, and carefully and very accurately recorded the time and distance. They expected to find a different speed for the East-West test than the West-East test, since the Earth's rotation would speed one up and slow the other one down.

    Boy, were they surprised when both tests came out with the same numbers! I think (but am not sure) this was preRelativity.
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  4. A LASER pre-Relativity?

    Maybe they had a time machine of their own.
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    It may have been plain old light. Not sure. Lasers where invented in what? `58 or something?
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    yes, light. you're talking about michelson-morley experiment in 1879:


    - jaan
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  7. Let's not forget Back to the Future when Doc Brown's dog, Einstein, travelled back thru time in the DeLorean, and his clock was exactly one minute behind when he returned to the mall parking lot.

    "As far as he's concerned, the trip was instantaneous!!!"

    Of course, that was before the Libyans came after Doc in the Winnebago and made all of it moot...
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