800 pip loss on eur/usd

Discussion in 'Trading' started by n00b7r4d3r, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if this is real or if this is just a glitch that will get fixed eventually. I had some sell orders below the market on eur/usd the market just gapped down 800 pips closed my long position at a loss and went short more (which is now at a loss).

    If this is real its a DAMN good thing im trading with $100 lots as it will only cost me $31
  2. talk about selling the bottom lol!
  3. pma


    Who is the broker?
  4. Oanda
  5. Maybe Dollar will crash on open.
  6. lol... it's a bucketshop run.
  7. loik


    get a second opinion
  8. guess my stops need to be 1000 pips now
  9. Surdo


    The market never traded there, it is a bad tick.
  10. How exactly do bad ticks happen and with how ugly they make the chart look why are they so hard to prevent (assuming that they try to prevent them)
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