$800 (more) invested in books...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by diligent, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. a good decision, right?

    i think so. i just feel like i dont know enough right now... going back to the books!
  2. I guess it depends on the books and if your able to use (apply) at least one thing from each book to help with your trading.

  3. there are some things that i feel are absolutely vital to trading that i am not sure i am calculating correctly...

    money management

    i need to be doing these 100% perfectly in order to succeed.

    im kind of proud of my decision to stop trading and read for a while. :)

    i wont miss the money and im in no rush.
  4. <i>"i need to be doing these 100% perfectly in order to succeed."</i>

    No one needs to do anything 100% perfectly in this profession... not even close. And, thank God for that or none of us would ever make a dime!

    A quest for perfection is perfectly fine in many other professions and pursuits... but not this one. Trading requires maximizing correct decisions (let profits RUN!) and minimizing mistakes (cut losses SMALL!)

    That is the core of money management 101

    Hope this helps
  5. bjg


    Strive for excellence, not perfection.

    I've spent about $2k on trading books.
  6. Yes... efficiency = excellence!

    I too have several hundred pounds of (dusty) books on trading = markets in my attic. That after purging out the collection by +/- 50% two years ago.

    Had to dump those discards at Salvation Army... not a single one sold at combined yard sale benefit. Far different market than 1999 - 2000 when used books ~ videos garnered many bids on eBay cack then.
  7. i guess is should say i am not doing some things well enough... shouldn't say perfection ;)