80 USD oil

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  1. My target is 60 days. anyone else?
  2. thats possible...but it will be hard to call before a correction is seen

  3. my thesis right now is that the mania from the price hitting all-time highs will cause it to run to 80 before a correction of over 4%
  4. romik


    Would you agree that in case of oil futures it's more the case of supply/demand at the moment opposed to anything else to do with TA?
  5. Surdo


    It has nothing to do with either!

    The Crawford Fund will get it as high as they can and then let it fall 5 points upon release of another manipulated inventory number!

    Don't you see how this works?
  6. romik


    To be honest with you, i've got no idea how to trade crude, just curious. Maybe you could explain a bit more, not joking.
  7. JayS


    Might just hit new highs into the close. Not many want to be on the other side into the weeekend. We'll see.
  8. Surdo


    I am not ready to start shorting this rally, it is not done.

    ** $74.80 and going higher!
  9. we're going to break 75 today - then the mania(read: fear) will pop it to 79+ where it will hit resistence.
  10. at around 1:15 today there was a good bit of volume that kinda pumped up the price...and started a little trend...i think you usually see activity like this (pump and dump) when you are nearing tops...people trying to eek out every little bit of gain...i dunno...just an observation
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